It's all about the looks, baby

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by ChrisYellowV6, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. the gt rear does look cleaner and one of the main reason why i have yet to put one on my car is due to i want something better and i dont want to be considered a gt which most already say i am trying to do. so i would hold off to get a saleen or somethign else that you like.
  2. Speaking of looks, does anyone think that a '94-8 with dumps looks bad? Not being able to see any tips out the back n all I figured it wouldn't be much different from a stock V6. I've been thinkin about doin that here lately.
  3. There's no reason you can't just dump duals if you don't want to mess around with chrome tips every other day in trying to keep them clean. Just make sure you dump them as far toward the back as possible.

    When I removed my tips for a few days, from the rear axle back, and did some driving around, it was hideously loud inside the car. Not to mention, if you stop for a long time you get to smother in your own exhaust! :notnice:
  4. You could get an 03 Cobra bumper and shave the letters, that's what I wanna do :nice:
  5. Personally I don't think the looks justify the cost. My tips hang under the bumper and it looks okay. Sure the GT bumper looks better, but IMO not a couple hundred $$$ better. And while that may not sound like much money, you can put that towards some nice engine mods.
    I'm going to put GT cutouts on one of my cars, but that money is definately not going to be dumped into a 3-year old V6 Mustang.

    Another thought is to get a side-exit system, similar to the Borla system on the Cobra R's. But once again, cost is a factor. Of course this gives you a more unique look, unlike the GT bumper which every GT has.