It's ALL Chepsk8's FAULT !!!

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  1. Well....Sears and this Spring-like weather didn't help any either......:shrug:
    I'm gearing up to start working on my 'stang now that the weather is getting better, so what better way to start than going out and buying....TOOLS!:D:nice:
    More specifically, I just bought a 3-1/2 ton floor jack (I think that is it's weight, not capacity!:crazy: ), (2) 3-1/2 ton jack stands (came with the jack) and (4) 2-1/2 ton jack stands! All for less than $150!:nice:

    Now I'm ready to jack the 'stang up and get back to work on her undercarraige and suspension!:nice:
  2. So what's next? More bodywork; or are you going to start getting Austrailian parts to make the 200 SCREAM??? :D :D :D

    Still Dreamin'
  3. HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't be the only one spending ludicrous amounts of money here!
  4. I have that floor jack (love it) it weighs at least 3.5 tons :) and the jack stands (little short for my liking). I bought two pairs of the harbor freight 6 ton stands for 18.00/pr. Right now these are what my car is sitting on in lieu of a suspension :)

    Good Luck and Happy wrenching
  5. I'm getting back to work on the chassis and suspension.....body work I'm probably going to pay a pro....:( and as for the Aussie parts......That is most definately in Sally's future as soon as I can scrape together the $$$ has this nice little package deal.....only $2010.00!:D:nice:
    Who said anything about ludicrous amounts of money? I'm taking pages from the "Chepsk8 Manual for Restoring/Resto-ing Your Ride":nono::D
    I figured between the 3-1/2 ton stands and the 2-1/2 ton stands (6 all told) and whatever 2x4s and 4x4s I've got lying around.........won't be high enough for my liking (Only a hydraulic lift would be....), but it will be enough for me to be able to get under the 'stang..........:shrug:
  6. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

  8. :p Was the Machining money for my engine,
    But worth every penny.


  9. Since the '67 around the block has a six-in-a-row; I have looked at . Saw that $2010 package (or even the $1880 package without the ceramic coating... :drool: If ya want to keep a long and skinny motor, that would definitely be the trick :nice:

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  10. Damn man! I'm jealous! I suppose you have a rotisserie hidden in that shop somewhere too............I don't suppose you live near enough for me to "borrow" your shop....
    Once I have all the chassis and suspension parts I need, that's next on the list.......:nice:
  11. A REAL Pick-Me-Up!

    Well Ladies, Gentlemen and Blue Fuzzies of all are my new "toys"...........I mis-spoke, the smaller J-stands are only 2-1/4 ton...:shrug:
    Note Sally still wearing her BIG BLUE Winter Wrap!'s still a wee bit chilly here.......
  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    I've done it again! I spent MORE money!!!:eek:

    I just ordered the TCP sub-frame connector kits (1 and 2) for Sally!:nice:

    WARNING!: To ANYONE coming in close proximity to Chepsk8: He is contagious!:D

    and y'all thought my BLUE FUZZ was the source for all them bugs!:nono:
  13. Step right up! Next victim (er, I mean "buddy") I can separate them from thier money.....
  14. Day-yum! I'm fortunate that I didn't get to go! Cheapie; next time time you're in Vegas, don't head South - Lord only knows what I'd end up buying with you around to influence me! :shrug: :crazy:

    The Doc has said his kids might sell the Shelby 'vert, but he won't! So at least my next three years' salary is safe!

    Still Dreamin'
  15. Send your $$$ to me, I'll take care of it for you!:D:nice:

  16. No offense, old friend; but no.

    I'm sure that, with the kids, the animals, Li'l Red the new-old truck (1/2NK's "Son of Generic Rice-Eating Chevy Truck") my paycheck is well-spent before I ever see it! :nonono:

    Still Dreamin'
  17. :eek:
    I'm only six months older than you.........:nonono::(

    BTW......I forgot to thank Chepsk8 for the $500. T-shirt! :D
  18. What's up with TCP?

    I ordered their sub-frame connector kits on-line 11 days ago, at the time I got a message back saying I would be contacted by phone in 5 I hadn't heard from them I tried calling them on Thursday, only to get a message that they are moving???:scratch:

    Now I'm wondering if the got my order or not.....nothing has been billed to my credit card yet............:shrug:
  19. :( You must have Contacted the Buy and Wait syndrome too.
    Without Proper care it may turn into the Fatal :bs:.
    And it smell worse than the Gutter.

    What happened to the thread of them going out.

    Keep Staring out the window for the Big Brown truck,

    It will get Better. :D

  20. I do....but every time I see it, it just drives on by................. :( :shrug: