1. well, after about two months(!) at the body shop, i went and picked up the stang after work today (love working overtime at 8am when i get off at 11pm on fridays, but i digress). its nice to actually be able to walk out to the garage and see it again whenever i want to, ive gone out there two or three times just to hear it run, lol.

    for those of you who dont remember, this is what it looked like going in:

    while it was in for the damage, i also had em pull all the hail dents and the give the whole thing a fresh coat of paint (as well as a cowl hood and cobra insert, the later ill be installing when i do my 5lug swap). this is what it looks like now:

    and sometime in april these will finally go on
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    sorry for the crappy pics, it started snowing while driving it home. funny how it can be 70-80 on weds/thurs, but the starts snowing 3 days later. good ole st. louis weather:notnice:

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  2. lookin good! love the new rims
  3. Looks good. :nice:
  4. wow I love white stangs with chrome 5 spokes and cheesegraters!!!! That is clean!
  5. why thank you. just sucks cause after i get the wheels on im going to have a severe budget cut, gotta start saving for a house cause living with parents sucks (ive got ~7k saved up, want to get to ~15k by august).

    anyway, today was a beatiful day, again thanks to crazy stupid st. louis weather, a bit chilly out but no clouds whatsoever, which means pic time. heres a few of the shots i got:





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  6. the hood/bumper don'tseem to be lining up perfectly, takeit to them and let the body people workit a lil!!
  7. yeah i didnt really notice it till i got to looking at the pics on the computer. i think it may just be shadow play, the pics i took yesterday dont really show it, and i havent noticed it in person. ill take another look at it later today and see if i can tell whats happening.