It's Been 14 Years Since I've Been On Here!

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  1. Hello everyone -- so I just realized how old I was getting when I realized it was 14 years ago that I used to wander around these parts (under a different screen name). I just re-joined the Mustang family and figured I'd get connected with some folks like you who know way more about these awesome cars than I do.

    A little background -- feel free to call me James.

    My first car was a white '90 5.0. My second car was a black '88 5.0 (supercharged). Then I decided to get more sophisticated and upgrade from that death rocket to a black Infinity G35 6spd coupe. Then, I started a family and went German. And a month ago, it was time to go back to my roots:

    -2014 Black (duh) V6 manual
    -premium, black interior
    -performance package

    Never in a million years did I think I'd get a V6 Mustang -- but I also never imagined they'd be spitting out 305HP and fantastic MPG.

    I looked all over the country for this specific model -- and only found two (new) available. I flew up with my best friend to the Michigan dealership (while my awesome wife stayed at home with my little boy). Picked it up, then drove it to the NC mountains (ie Blue Ridge Parkway) for the next 3 days -- breaking it in on the mountain roads. Then, drove it home to boring (and flat) Florida. It was quite an experience and I really really dig this car.

    Thanks for letting me share -- and I'll def. upload more pictures I grabbed.

  2. Nice looking. Welcome back. If you know your old username, it can be merged with your current one to enable you to keep your old info intact if you'd like
  3. Great to know, thank you.

    It would be awesome to find my old car pics but I'm guessing the forums have been upgraded a few times since 2000. Ha!

    I searched my old screen name and could only pull one particular post.
  4. I'm a bit of a nostalgic SOB and would be happy to do a little digging to see what can be brought back from way-back-when. PM me about it if u like.
  5. Thanks to Noobz, my old self is resurrected.


    PS: here is another pic to share:
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  6. HA! I got to put the first 'like' onto an account that is 14 years old!


    Great looking car man. :nice:

  7. :win:
  8. That was the quickest anyone has ever gone from New Member to Founding Member!
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  9. Wow - 14 year vet! Welcome back to the folds. I spent a few years off of here and rejoined last month - actually a month ago today was when I took delivery of my Mustang! That's a gorgeous car, though! The rims and louvers look perfect with it. Also, hello from another Floridian!
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  10. Niiiiice!! Welcome back and congrats on your new ride, Berlitzer!

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