35th Anniv It's been a LOOONG time!!

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  1. I've been lurking every now and then although I haven't posted in AGES!!

    Deep breath...

    For those that have been on here for more than a couple of years you probably remember the bull**** that I've been going through with my Mustang; more specifically, with the ***-**** that did all of my motor work and kept me spending countless thousands getting the car running correctly after he ran out of the state to Michigan to head up Professional Mass-Air---what used to be Pro-M.

    Before buying ANYTHING from the moron, read what he's done to me. If you think that I'm just ****ing, I can send you a few links to others that he's ****** over. Bear my copy 'n paste techniques of my story below...

    Hey all...for those old schoolers that remember the days of S & S, I bear my own bad news.

    First, some past history: Back in '02 I had 3 rings break inside my stock 4.6 block. $13k and almost a year later I was back on the road. A year you ask? Well, our famous engine builder was slow in fixing my car. He didn't have to wait for the money, that was paid in advance. Anyway, the car never ran correctly. Some of you probably remember all of the problems I had with getting the damn thing running; it took alot more money and other shops to get things right.

    Our favorite guy fled to Michigan and that ended all ties. 13,000 miles later and the motor he "built" for me is completely TOAST!

    Cut to yesterday when I received the call about my motor. Here's what I know so far:

    The $600 in cams I paid for were never installed. I paid our guy for Crane cams. I still have stock cams in the heads. There's also a bunch of broken parts inside; a few broken springs and something about the retainers. The port job that I spent money on was also horrible. I've had the pathetic grinds pointed out to me. Chris ported my heads with a grinder on the cement floor.


    If only that was all. I also found out a few years ago that I had 1 good cylinder and 7 that was having compression issues. The Mustang shop that I had perform a leakdown test told me that it could be due to the rings not seating, and I vaguely remember our very own engine builder tell me that he used some special rings. Now that the block has been torn down there's all sorts of carnage to be found. One of the pistons is missing a 1.5" by .5" chunk out of the outer edge. There's nothing in the oil pan, and no signs that the metal piece was being smashed up against the top of the piston or the head. Everyone I spoke with said that there's only 1 explaination: the engine was put together that way and the piece was taken out before closing it up. Well, that explains the oil consumption issues I've had since day 1 of the new motor.

    The block is being checked now, and I won't be surprised to hear that there's gonna be further problems.

    Now that I'm done ****ing, let's just be glad that he's out of Denver and currently ripping off other people in another city.

    I just thought I'd mention that after I spent umpteen thousands with Chris, I've just spent another $7k or so for new stuff that I shouldn't have needed for my Mustang.

    I've recently purchased:

    Custom stage II blower cams built by Manley for Modular Performance.
    New valve springs
    New stock retainers
    New crank bearings
    New rings
    New rod bearings
    New Manley custom .20 over oil coated pistons
    A Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump
    62 lb. Siemen's High Impedance fuel injectors
    New heads

    The new heads are being done at Heads By Drew in Aurora. He's done:

    Head cores
    Rebuild heads
    spark plug stainless steel inserts
    machining for larger intake and exhaust valves, (1mm more flow)
    CNC intake and exhaust ports & combustion chamber.

    Everything's being installed at Finish Line Performance in Denver.

    The short version is----
    I'm sick at home from work.
    Just spent a few grand.
    Work's cutting jobs and overtime.
    And as any true car nut, I'm going full-freakin' bore on a car that I'll only drive a few months out of the year!! Stupid me, 'eh??

    Oh yeah, DON'T BUY FROM PMAS!!! **** Chris Scotnicki!!

    That was from a month ago. The current update is that the heads are back from being CNC'd and they're being built now. The motor's being put back together. The old setup produced 492 RWHP and 485 RWTQ and I'm being told that I should be good for another 100 RWHP or so....we all know how THAT is. I'll believe it when I see it. At this point I'm skeptical.

    Regardless, I'm happy to see that Jason's still here taking excellent care of everyone. I wish I could get the plates again, but I can't; sorry. If there's enough interest I'll try another shop. I still have some of the old plates that people ordered and didn't pay for. Maybe another shop can match them.

    Take care everyone and happy motoring!! :SNSign:
  2. Good to hear from you Tommy! yep, I'm still here...almost 9 years now. Sorry to hear about your luck with the car, but hey we learn right?
    Mine is still bone stock and around 66,000 miles. Needs a little TLC though.
    Keep in touch.