It's been a while...

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Therian, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. damn...I haven't been on in months. I guess that's what school can do to you. My stang's in the shed at the moment, but prior to putting her away, at what appeared to be random times, when I started the car the idle would jump up to 1.5 RPM and then the check engine light would flash three times before the revs dropped and the car died. This would only happen sometimes, and all I had to do for it not to drop is to put the car in first and drive away. Faulty MAF? Any suggestions?
  2. Long time no see man, try cleaning the MAF first, could be a free easy fix....
  3. You've pulled codes? Have you checked out the stock distributor? The stator is an easy fix...that can be the cause of a sugre sometimes.

    Good to be back isn't it.

  4. very nice to be back...yeah I'm going to try cleaning the MAF...I have before, but not within months. The car is in hiding anyway, so this isn't something that needs to be rushed, I just thought I'd get a few ideas together. Also, my CAI likes to slip off the TB sometimes...I know it's easily fixed, but would un-metred air cause problems like that?