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  1. Hello all, it has been a while since I have been around here. Seriously doubt anyone remembers me, got my 76' Cobra ii when I turned 16, drove it around for 3 or 4 years until i moved for college. So now at 28 years old, and the car has been sitting for 8 years from school with a wife and two kids I am working on getting the 76 back up and running.

    I live in CA so I had to pull off the edelbrock intake and 4bl carb to put the stock ones back on for smog but after having the old carb sitting around for quite some time it needed to be rebuilt. Rebuilt it and I can get the car to start but without keeping my foot in the peddle it wont stay running. I have the manifold vacuum port all closed off except the one vacuum line giong to the carb, and from the carb to the distributor. I have had the air/fuel se to 1 1/2 turns out, and adjusted the distributor so that it sounds smooth while it is running with my foot in it. Any help would be appreciated, I look forward to getting involved in the II community again!
  2. Hello Josmen,

    It started after all these years, that's good.
    The problem could be a lot of different things. To start with, I'd give it a tune up (plugs, cap, etc.), put new gas in it, and a new fuel pump if you haven't done so yet. After 8 years of sitting all of those parts must be bad by now. Change all the fluids and check the brakes and master cylinder (might want to change them too) before trying to drive it.

    Best of luck getting it back on the road,
  3. ya most of that is all stuff I have done so far. Like you say, all new plugs, cap, oil, filters, gas and I have replaced all the vacume lines with new hose. Have not check the break system out yet, I would like to get the engine running smooth first.
  4. OK, I have a few more ideas: have you tried the simplest thing, adjusting the screw down for higher idle speed? (not the mixture screws) Have you tried plugging off the port and hose going to the carb? Not the one to the distributor, to see if the idle improved. Are you using a timing light or just by ear? Do you have an EGR valve and is it leaking? Also, as I mentioned before, the fuel pump needs to be replaced if it hasn't yet.
  5. Find the vacuum line to the vacuum canister and plug it. Its probably very holey by now. The brake booster can leak vacuum badly too.

    Since you swapped the intake, I'd spray some carb cleaner around the gaskets and look for vacuum leaks there.