its been awahile... SO!

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  1. it been some time since i posted anything but, still be working on the car as always!, im loving the C4 still and have way more fun then the 5 speed! lol but anyways just got thte matching front weld RTS rims, and have a UPR anti roll bar going in now, the weather just starting to get somewhat cool here in south FL. so i going to try a set of slicks, leave hard and shooting for a 9.90's pass at around 133-135:nice: with the ol' NPi heads!

    a few pics

    t4tfdfmhmh.jpg wgtyhhj.jpg stangss.jpg 397053_3949757434737_1948424690_n.jpg
  2. Car looks great except for that ridiculous hood, very nice!
  3. Still looks redneck.

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  4. damn rednecks!
  5. Vids.............we need vids.

    Car looks great.
  6. Race Car! Hope you break into the 9s with NON IP heads!:nice:
  7. well... i live in the south, have lifted trucks, 5 ATV's in my back yard, and go to all the mudfests.. it is what it is :rlaugh:

    there will be plenty!

    thanks man! went [email protected] spinning, pedeling it, and in muggy warm air, so im going to give it heck to make it go 9.99... on 13lbs! :nice:
  8. Awesome!! Very glad to hear a update on you man, stang is still looking great!