Its Been Awhile

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  1. It has been a while since I have been on here. A lot has happened lately. The hood flew up on my stang causing a lot of damage so it went into the shop. Then not even 2 weeks later my house burned to the ground! Luckily I woke up and found the fire and got everyone out of the house safe. I switched jobs and now work at a Chevy Dealership :( . Just a lot of crazy crap man in the past 6 months. But it has all worked out for the best. My family and I have a bigger and better house the mustang got fixed and things are looking up! I pick the stang up Wednesday! Here are some pics of the her, well most current ones I have till I get her back. I think she is looking pretty good!

    1660_10151414472698509_714259519_n.jpg 970553_10151520491638509_1657963930_n.jpg 532951_10151482931698509_1826051493_n.jpg 389159_10151482931453509_1525979469_n.jpg 947197_10151514646738509_1813017683_n.jpg 166085_10151514647818509_1053172814_n.jpg
  2. Looks great man, sucks about the crazy year you're having... sounds like my 2012 (except for the house burning down, I just had to move).
  3. Thanks bud. I'm also switching out the interior for the gray cloth tweed out of a 88 gt. I love the halo seats and would love to get them redone but for $300 for a whole interior carpets, headliner everything I couldn't pass it up! It's been a hard year on us especially for my wife an kids. I have just been going through fox withdrawals lol.
  4. Glad things are looking up! I am digging the solid black paint. Are you keeping it that way, or putting the silver flames back on? She is looking mighty clean as is, IMO.
  5. No I couldn't stand the flames! The car is going to stay that nice glossy black! The pics don't do it justice right now, but give a couple day after I get her back and I will post a nice clean pic of her. That's kinda why it's been taking so long to get done. I wanted the whole car repainted and it was like an extra $1500 on top of what insurance gave me. But the shop manager cut me a hell of a deal! He said as long as I do all the removal and install and body work, to not worry about the extra cost cuz of my house situation. I thought that was awesome. The hard part was finding time for everyone to get together after I got off work to do it. I learned tons about body work and it was pretty fun to.
  6. Well the good thing about getting a job at a Chevy dealership is that there will always be plenty to work on.
  7. Haha you got right! I have only been there a couple months an have seen a few of the same cars come back a couple times. There are two other ford guys there thought. One is my friend that got me the job and he is building a 67 gt 500 Eleanor and I'm helping him with that. And the other guy has a 65 Daytona coup, plus he just bought a 87 notch and a 93 hatch. We are using thee hatch for parts to fix his notch to be a daily drier for him.
  8. So would had the Fox been in the garage while the house burned down if it wasn't for the hood flying up and it getting fixed? If so i'd venture a guess that the man above loves Fox's too!

    What was the cause that burned down the house?

    BTW, car looks great!
  9. Thats awesome, it's good there are genuinely good people still out there.
  10. Yeah the fox wasn't in the garage, but my wife's 77 LUV truck with 327 clay smith custom ground cam ported an polished heads long tubes 700r4 ford 9" and power discs was in the garage. He dad built about 10 yrs ago. He died last year and that's all we have of him and it made it out of the garage with out a scratch. The fire department let me get it out before the fire spread to much.

    The dryer never shut off and 6 hours later I woke up to role over cuz I have a bad back from being in the military. I smelled smoke and sure as :poo: at the other end of the hallway where all the bedrooms are the laundry room was blazing away and flames going down the hall to all our rooms! I woke up my wife and got her and the kids out.

    Yes it is great to know there are still good people out there!

    On a side note and kinda funny note all my clothes were in the dryer so I was butt ass naked knocking on my neighbors door! Lol!
  11. Oh man, as of today i'm buying a new dryer and I'm going to stop sleeping naked in case I need to make a quick getaway! lol
  12. Lol yeah I had asked my wife to wash my clothes earlier that day and she got busy with the kids and forgot! I usually don't do that lol. It makes for a funny ending to a sad situation though! Gotta find some humor in it I guess.