SN95 Its Been Awhile.

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  1. Its been a few months now and I've got a few things gathered up here and there and the funds are beginning to be more of a steady thing. So with all that its almost time for a progress thread. I've got ny route all planned out after months of debating different scenarios with my highly active brain.
    So far I have a few things waiting for the weather to turn around.
    13 in cobra brake package new brake lines and such.
    Shorty headers and a new midpipe (bbk x pipe) gonna go with the mac cat back already installed.
    New eibach suspension kit (springs shocks bushings) cars already lowered so I think its the same.
    And I'm going to ordering body panels hoods etc. Plus a set of fr500 wheels. And a long list of mechanical stuff too I won't get into all of it untill the progress thread just thoughtbi would update fpr those that cared if any lol
  2. Sounds like a good start, hope the weather warms up so you can get started. Enjoy the fun of working on the car.
  3. Don't think we ever finish with projects but Knock'em out as this warmer weather comes in :nice: working in cold sux!!
  4. Right now I'm working out the audio part. Been driving for months without a radio. Previous owner destroyed the wiring doing stuff they had no buissness doing. Have a lot of questions now.