It's either Pak or Me.

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Ozsum2, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. i have to side with OZ............thats all i have to say............those words said were wrong, hands down....
  2. most of these ubbs have these wonderful "ignore" features.

    wonder what kind of situations they were designed for...

  3. I tried that, but that doesn't stop him from posting in his sig for all the world to see. It isn't what he says to me alone, but what I know he is telling the rest of you. And most of you don't know what his little hidden messages mean, but I do.
  4. This all seems a bit immature to me, I don't know how old you and Pak are, but your acting like a couple of kids. After dickin around this world for the last 51 years I really don't think there is anything someone on a messege board could say to me to really piss me off. Come up to my face and say something it may be a different story, but at that point I can reach out and touch you. On here it just goes in one ear and out the other.

    We're suppose to be here enjoying our Stangs, if you don't like someone here stay out of their threads, or put them on ignore.

    Now can someone come over and finish my garage for me so I can get back to my '46???
  5. It's reasons like this I stopped hanging out on this board. People were always cmolpaining about their feeling getting hurt. You know need to get over it and move on. Personally, I don't care if either one of you leave. Oz always seemed high and mighty to me, and I never had much interaction with Pak.

    And before you talk about your babies out again, yes I know what it's like. My first daughter was stillborn. It may only have been one, but I'm reminded of her every January and every time I visit my home town. so don't try going there with me.
  6. I am all for a war of words, and God knows I have some doosys (sp?) on here, but bringing up someone's dead children is really low. And to keep bringing it up in one's signature after the thread has since past is pretty low. I've backed Pak in the past in his war with Hop over his religious beliefs, but can't say the same this time

  7. Then you know where I am coming from and I feel for you. The first had a heart defect and lived 45 minutes. The second caught a cold at 2 weeks and it turned into pnemonia. I can get over it to some degree if I am not constantly reminded of it by a laughing boy. It just goes beyond what I feel people are capable of.

  8. I am 50ish. Tell me what age I need to be to not allow someone to hurt me over my lose. It don't go away, and in this case, time does not heal all wounds. Perhaps if we were face to face, things would be different. Hense my visit to NH. You shouldn't have to put someone on ignore. You should be able to wake up in the morning and know that a know dead baby basher is banned.
  9. i searched and cant find where pak said all this.

    but my initial thought to it is, people are immature alot of times. pak coulda started out just saying one joke and when you got onto him he kept on to retaliate. I know im just a college kid, but friends of mine specifically tell dead baby jokes. It isnt meant to put down anyone who has lost a child. Just like all the retard jokes, they arent meant to hurt people who have to deal with people who have deformities.

    Basically, it might have started out innocent but became heated because both parties were trying to get back at each other.

    I personally have no problems with Pak or Oz. IMO, making fun of God and Christianity would be more upsetting than the children thing, and I can speak sorta. I have lost a sibling, and I have watched my dad deal with the loss of his parents who were both dead by the time he was 16. Im sorry Oz you were hurt by something Pak said, but, you must remember to forgive 7X70 (im going to college to be a preacher). Think of this as merely a test of your faith to forgive, God doesnt inflict pain, but as we know from Job, God does allow satan to cause us pain. You can do it.
  10. Oz, I am still with you, but before the sun comes up this bad boy will be locked! The "powers to be" have commercial interest. You will soon be in the same group with me and WORTH - locked up! Me, you, WORTH and Otis from Mayberry, nobody does it better.

    Good Luck and hang in there - having a kid (s) taken away is not understood until it happens. Been there and done that.

  11. wth happened. I think some people need to grow up and if anyone ever made fun of me losing my children there would be serious issues.
  12. Time to move on...

    This happens on every forum on the internet. You have to realize that there is/are *******(s) on every one. Eventually if you just stop responding to their crap, they will go lurk for someone else. I don't know either of you or these posts you speak of (nor do I care to look at them,) so I cant say I'd side with one over the other.

    That said:
    I am sorry to hear about your loss. I am not a parent so I don't know what it is like.

    I am however a Mustang enthusiast. I know the passion many of us share about our beloved aging hunks of steel and plastic are what fuels this site and is what keeps a group of fellow enthusiasts together. Put this to rest, ignore him and move on. The memories of you children will out live the best moments of your stang. No matter what he goes on posting, eventually, it will fade away...

  13. You're 50's??? Wow...after quietly reading this board for the past several months and wading thru this saga of yours and Paks, I just assumed that you were in your late teens. You certainly aren't acting like a man in his mature years.

    Instead of making childish threats like "do what I want or else", maybe you should follow my lead here and just quit reading the crap that's got nothing to do with cars.

    See you in the PRODUCTIVE threads:)

  14. Originally it was in the election thread that got closed. Since then, he has had it in his signature, which he cleverly changes every couple days to stay ahead of the mods. There never was any joke intended. It was meant to hurt from the get go. I know God doesn't hurt us. Pak said that he does. Which is remarkable, because he is a non-believer.

  15. And I ask again, at what age do I let someone bash me and my loses? It wasn't a chilish threat. It was a request for the mods to do their job and ban a baby basher. You don't have to read this "crap" as you call it. It means a lot to me, and apparently many others on here. I need to get through this crap and it's cause to be able to see you in the cars threads.

    I;m glad I was your first post. Welcome to the board. :rolleyes:

  16. Thanks again. I hope more is done than a mere locking. I hope for resolution. I like Otis. :D

  17. So you can understand when in a moment of rage, a road trip was in the picture.
  18. I normally don't go into the non-technical threads, but having come across this issue is beyond my comprehension. I visit several other Mustang/Ford sites and never have seen the personal attacks as I have seen here. I've been around for 61 years and definitely don't need this.
  19. Well, we have heard from many on here except the mods or the man himself. However it turns out, thanks for all the support. I REALLY means a lot to me.

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