It's either Pak or Me.

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Ozsum2, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. Please don't let me run you off. I am making an attempt to clean up this issue that involves me directly and possibly others in the future. It will be a sign though, of how the mods want this board to grow or to decline.

  2. My intent is to have his get out of jail free card revoked. :nice:
  3. Mano man guys.. i thought i just stepped back into junior high again.

    Both of you have been pushing each other's buttons, and both of you have been throwing some low blows. I thought you guys cleared all this junk up over a year ago.

    Oz, i'm sorry to hear about your kids. But Personally I didn't even see that in his signature or take it the way you are. I can understand and see how you could take the signature the way you did (now that you've state your viewpoint). But I've seen you go off and make wild, personal threats.

    Pak- you have been pushing his buttons, and at times just replying to Oz pushing your buttons. Either way it's not as grown up and mature as you normally are. But you shouldn't have to take the abuse of threats from any member of this forum, neither should anyone else.

    Both of you either stop it totally and make abo****ely no reference outside of talking cars about or to each other. Or, IMHO both of you are temporarily banned. Personally I'm not going to take any of this C*%& any more.

    These forums have changed, and will continue to change. Perhaps we should go back to the way this were and cut out any and all the OT and the Talk forum. We need to get back to the purpose we're all here, to have fun, join a community with like interests, learn about cars, and get help when things hit the fan. We can't do it with people going after each other in a public forum over stupid things (which accellerate into bigger things). Whether it is between you and Pak, everyone vs Historic/Hop.

    I'm the kinda of guy to give you chances, but both you and pak have more than used them up. Each of you are great guys (with different personalities) with a lot to contribute the forum and hobby. But for some reason you're going at each other's throat over initially petty junk (but is serious at this point).

    I like and repspect both of you. But maybe I'm being young and overracting, but I'm embarrased at both of your guy's actions on these boards. I know that both of you are above all this and I like talking with both of you. My perosnal opinion (take it for what it's worth) work this out between you two and leave it out of the forum. But continuing with things like they have been can't be done IMHO (at least they won't be tollerated in the talk forum at all any more).

    If one of you choose (or otherwise) to leave, I want to let you both know that I'll still be there for both of you for help (yours and mine), to BS, and jsut being there. I sure hope that you guys work it out between you, but I hope you guys don't force myself or 2bav8 to do it for you.

    Again, this is my own personal off the cuff opinion and reactions. I urge both of you to PM or email me if just to vent (it's probably better to email since I'm still having problems with the board loading consistantly). I have not yet conferred with 2bav8. But i'll leave the decision to 2bav8 as to what happens to this thread (since this is his forum)
  4. Hey Oz, sorry to hear about your loss. I'm young with no kids, but my sister had a miscarriage once and it was pretty hard on me.

    I've been on this site since sept of 2000; my current sn was a name change. I remember Pak posted a lot back then, abd he was always cool, we always talked mustang stuff. Let's see if some of the old crew remember a few of these names.

    - tang350
    - clev357
    - digitalgm
    - sondie

    Anyways, I've never seen such bickering between two adults. I understand it's the internet, but to allow insults from someone else over a keyboard get you riled up is a little silly, on BOTH sides.

    I like Pak, but you know that is pretty low to insult someone's dead child. Make fun of his car, haircut or whatever, cause no one deserves to hear that Pak.

    That said, I'm out on this one. Oz, here is my advice to you, remember this is just a message board. How would God handle this situation? Just turn the other cheek like they say. Pak, here's my advice, please apologize to Oz for the remarks you made.
  5. I want this board to grown and stop all this viciousness and get back to it's original intent to have fun and be about mustangs instead of personal insults or vedettas.
  6. Well said oboe. I want to see the cars and the projects, and the innovations. Not this.
  7. Obo, if he can openly opologize for the baby bashing, I'll give him another chance. And after that, we go our seperate ways.

  8. I remember all those names. Still think of Sondie. :( Nebraska, right?
  9. I think so. I remember reading his posts. I never saw it coming, but suicide really isn't the way. RIP man.

  10. All you had to do was look. You think I'm lieing to you? In all fairness, you would have had to be quick. Most were only up for a few days. I believe he has changed it now 5 times. You ever stop to think that maybe I was reacting to him? We had it patched up until he stuck his nose in the election thread. Then, domino city. :( He also said I was fat and had a little dick. Come on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I were a size 15-4E.
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