It's Finally Complete

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  1. Thats cool!!! Isn't it great when people are interested in your old parts? I sold my old 3 speed to a guy with a Falcon Ranchero and my old I6 rear end to another guy with a Falcon.

    Are you going to run a traction lock as well with your new gears? I have 3.50 gears with traction lock in a Versailles 9 inch in mine? I think the 3.50 gears are a good combination with the T5. I wonder if it would have been more fun with 3.70?

    Why 3.40 instead of 3.50? What are the ratios of your AOD?

    My T5 has these ratios.

    First Gear Ratio: 2.95:1
    Second Gear Ratio: 1.94:1
    Third Gear Ratio: 1.34:1
    Fourth Gear Ratio: 1.00:1
    Fifth Gear Ratio: 0.63:1

    When I got my GT fog light grille, I got it as a kit with the wiring and switch etc from CJ Pony Parts. I ordered it around Christmas time and saved about 80 dollars on it.
  2. it looks awsome !!!!
  3. Very nice looking Mustang!
  4. thats one sweet looking coupe, good job :nice:
  5. Thanks for the compliments guys!
  6. Wow, great-looking car! Perfect timing as well, nothing like a nice Mustang and summer weather!!
  7. Thanks Man. You got that right. I wasn't sure if we would have it finished for summer or not. We worked on it alot in the spring and actually got it all together ahead of schedule. I figured we wouldn't have it running and everything until about now. Its already got 1000 miles on its fresh drivetrain. I haven't been able to drive it in 10 years. It is just awesome to be able to drive it again!
  8. Absolutely beautiful! Great work! Enjoy it!