ITS HERE - It looks great!!!!!

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  1. I finally got it. This guy was great. E-mailed every step of the way, and sent a tracking number with the shipment. He sells his stuff on ebay, and it is very well made.

    What do you guys think.



    My harness kits came today to, but I was not as excited. But here is a pic anyhow.

  2. looks SUPER BADASS!!!

    1. where did you get your seats (i know you have told me before, but i forgot)
    2. how much did you sell your black leather seats for (since i'll be selling mine)

  3. wow, looks bad ass!
  4. that does look bad ass... what material is the cobra made of? the red thing
  5. Shane that's P.I.M.P.
  6. 1. I got the Corbeau seats at
    They ended up costing 770 shipped I think. Short memory. That included the brackets too though.

    The guy was really cool. I would deffinetly buy from him again. Jim is his name. He is a fast shipper, and will beat any price you find as long as it is legitimate.

    2. I sold my seats for 775 plus 180 for shipping, or something like that. I still have another nicer set though. Keeping those just in case. :D

    If yours are leather, and in decent shape, they should fetch over 500 bucks. Mine were almost perfect.

  7. Thanks for all the feedback. I am really happy about this thing.

    The cobra is just cut out of the 1/2" MDF. Really smooth cuts. This guy has some skills. He painted the edges with a nice flat black, and then put a piece of blood red plexi behind everything, then did a nice carpeting job. I am very happy with it, but I will be adding a few things to it so that it is perfect.(to my standards that is)

    The really cool thing is, the plexi will let light through so I can actually illuminate the snake. Just wondering if I should do it or not. I'll do a mock up to see if I like it lit up.
  8. Two things... if your corbeau seat brackets only have one slider (menaing instead of the slider locking on both "rails" it only grabs one) SEND THEM BACK and have them send you the ones that lock on both tracks. My dad just put these in his car and everytime he'd launch the seat would come undone and he'd slide all the way back and hit his roll bar... it hurt his back and it could have caused tranny damage due to him pulling it right out of gear a few times.

    Second, I HIGHLY suggest you re-mount your shoulder belts. Having them attach way in the back like that is a BAD idea. In the event of an accident if the car gets bowed in the middle it will litterally squish you into the seat. They should attach very close to the rear of the seat.

    The RSD looks great!
  9. I was going to say that because it would look wicked but i didn't want to sound like "it could be better" cuz that's kinda mean, but it does look awesome
  10. Shane, it looks great! :nice:

  11. Good eye. When using the straps like that they have to be at like a 45 Degree angle, Im not sure of the exact angle but having them placed like that will pull you back into the seat when/if in an accident. Deff get those re mounted.

    The RSD looks pimp, I want to get one like that when I get around to doing mine.
  12. Hey, thanks for the tips. I was unaware of the seat belt mounting. Funny thing is this how the shop told me to mount them. I will have to get it fixed. I think I am just gonna get an autopower bar, and mount them to that. Is that a better idea? Autopower is up the street from work, so I have that going for me.

    I knew about the brackets. I made sure they gave me the dual lockers. they were a little more money though. No big deal to spend the extra 20 bucks. I have heard a lot of horror storys about the single locking tracks coming free under load.

    Please let me know about that belt mounting. I want to be safe. I don't drag the car, but I do attend road course events when they are around here. Good looking out.
  13. Yeah i like it. I would probaby back lite it with either a neon tube or multiple lights to try and keep it consistent. Maybe even have like a blue and a green neon tube so you can toggle between them with switches mounted up front...
  14. just a side note about the straps on the seat.

    If they are not at the correct angle they could compress your spin during an accidnet , insted of holding in the seat they will actually push you down into it. Just an FYI.
  15. The autopower bar is your best bet IF it has a rear hoop bar that goes right behind the seat. Otherwise you may get away with mounting it where the bottom seat attachement points are (assuming they are the same on the coupe as they are the 'verts. They will be right under where the RSD stops at the front of the car.
  16. That looks thinks I'm gonna get one.
  17. When I get the bar, I will get the harness bar across the back. Stuck with it like this for today and tomarrow. I am gonna go by autopower today and see what they can do for me. I might just bite the bullet and make the purchase on Credit. I don't like to do that, but I can always pay it off next month. Downside is, thats my 03-04 Cobra bumper money, so I will have to put that off another month or two. Oh well. It never ends. You of all people know this.

    Thanks again for the feedback and the safety warning. I appreciate all the input from everyone. If I ever have an accident, one of you could be responsible for me not getting so badly hurt or killed. THANKS
  18. Looks awesome :nice: