ITS HERE - It looks great!!!!!

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  1. so wtf are you keeping your car now :rlaugh:
  2. Yeah Shane!! That looks great. U should come over on saturday or something, i got the trans clutch and flywheel out and on saturday we are gonna take the T-5 apart to see whats wrong. I wanna check that thing out too. Ok man talk to u later.
  3. You get that from Crystalworks performance??? I just got mine this week...I thought we were looking at the same guy???
    Mine is plain Black, no logo..yours is a good choice and the size looks right too...The GT logo was way to large for my liking....
    Havent found time to install it yet...Fit looks good...
  4. haha no but I could use it on the new one too...whenever I find one :(
  5. This one came from a different guy. I was gonna order the one from Crystal, but then at the last minute I found this one. The guy is newer to ebay, but he is awesome.

    He e-mailed me every few days to tell me the progress of it, and it took about 14 days from the time I ordered it until it arrived. He is up in Canada.

    I wasn't keen on the letters, but when I saw this, I knew it would be perfect.
  6. the rear seat delete looks badass :nice:

    I may get one of those when my huge wish list dwindles a bit lol
  7. looks great man, very sweet :nice:
  8. i likey... makes me wanna delete my seats... i hate being the cheufeur anyways... 1 passenger only...and its gotta be a chick! hehe, do you know if they make a kit to delete vert rear seats? does this guy??
  9. I don't know if he does or not. Send him and e-mail. He will respond in a day or so. People keep him pretty busy. I assume he would though.

    [email protected]

    Just tell him I sent you(Shane). He is a pretty cool person to deal with. Communicates very well.
  10. Can you get me some measurments for the seat delete? I've been wanting to make one, and need to know what size the two pieces are. Also, how is the two pieces held in place?
  11. I don't know which measurements you want. It is not really squared. There are a lot of curved cuts here and there. I'll take the basics for you if you like.

    Right now it is just held in becuase it is a tight fit. I have not decided how I am gonna mount it yet. Getting there though.

    You could just get some posterboard, and make a template out of paper, then you could make one really easy.
  12. Just wanted the longest measurements on each piece so I know what size piece of cardboard to start off with. say the bottom of the back piece is 36" but the top is only 34", and the height is 24" in the middle, and 22" on the sides... so that would be a 36"x24" piece... Something along the lines of that
  13. It might be a day or two, but I will get the measurements. I keep the car at a private garage. I will PM both the maxmimum upper and lower dimensions.
  14. thanks man :) I just need something to start off with.
  15. Depending on the shape your leather seats are in, I may be interested in them.
  16. looks damn good, might have to do somthing similar then that cobra with my sub box.