Its Not a stang question but its Ford..

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  1. My wifes 2001 taurus ac controls seem to be acting up.The ac works fine since I replaced it all but the fan control only works on high setting.If you select any other control the fan goes off.

    Any ideas as to what it could be?Im not familiar with whats behind the dash...:(

    I dont think it matter but about 3 weeks ago I replaced the compressor,orifice tube, and dryer/accum.
  2. Have you checked all of your fuses?
  3. Most of them,gonna wait till it cools down.It does work on high but thats it,still think that could be a fuse?
  4. It sounds like the culprits are the resistors which control the fan speed(the highest setting bypasses the resistors so.......that explains why it will work on high). That said you can either just replace the resistor "module"(this could be a gamble if the actual problem is with the wiring) -or- i would recommend tracing the electrical circuit and verify good wiring from switch to resistors and then when you are all finished :Track: and post up your times.:D
  5. Thx for the help,I forgot about that part.

    As for the track might need to soon,they just re-opened our 1/8th mile track,for the 1/4 Id need to drive abot 1 1/2 to Houston...:(
  6. What??? I just relised this posted on the classic section...weird since I clicked on the 4.6 section.....:rlaugh:
  7. for the hell of it. check the connections and clean em if there kind of corroded. if no fix. then its the blower motor resistor.
  8. you need to replace the blower speed controller.I used to replace the one in the Taurus more then any other Ford.
  9. i had the same problem on my 95 mustang. It was a loose vaccuum connector.