It's Official: 2010 Shelby GT500

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    Following closely behind the coattails of the 2010 Mustang debuted at the LA Auto Show just weeks ago, and battling the bailout madness comes the refined and renewed 2010 Shelby GT500. The 2010 Mustang saw updates to its physique, interior, and prowess when compared to the current (2005 – 2009) S197 platform, and the 2010 GT500 is going to take those updates to the next level. With more power, more refinement, more excitement, the 2010 Shelby GT500 takes cues from the GT500KR and delivers them in a way only Ford’s SVT division can provide. is proud to present to you with this exclusive look at the new 2010 Shelby GT500 in an array of images and of course, the official Press Release from Ford Motor Company. If you feel like closing this window now and NOT looking further, you’d better check your pulse.

    It's Official: 2010 Shelby GT500
  2. Okay THIS I am liking. Especially in the silver color in the convertible shots. No shots of it's a$$ so I am assuming that's still a design nightmare. But as for the lines in this new car..WOW...loving it!
  3. I want one if I don't pull the trigger on a left over '09.
    Fred :nice:
  4. That is truly a beautiful car!!!

  5. Ok I said I would not let my 08 go...

    Ok I would for this. Dam NOW thats a beautiful car. 540 ? WITH WARRANTY ???

  6. I think it's pretty breathtaking. I'm kind of in love, which says alot since I've never really warmed up to S-197 and the '10 design also left a bit to be desired for me as well.

    But this bad boy could seriously give some others a run for their money when it comes time for me to buy a new car. :nice: 540 HP is insane to boot.
  7. I just put one of my "left" body parts on ebay... need money to buy this car.
  8. I'm in love with this car! It's one of my favourite cars coming out right now (everything else seems to be disappointing me).
  9. I think the more I look at it, the more the snake emblem looks out of place in the grill. If they were going to move it, maybe they should have put it in the center of the grill.Just looks weird to me being on the passenger side, and facing the other direction.
  10. live axle or IRS ?
  11. I retract much of my enthusiasm if it's a live-axle.
  12. Yeah, I love it.
  13. If you don't like SRA then you love more weight, higher price, and sucking at the dragstrip.