It's official!! Chepie's going in for a new top!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by chepsk8, Jan 22, 2003.

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  1. Yes, fans, the cheapest person on STANGNET (me) has finally cracked his wallet, and has put down a deposit and set a date for the dirty deed! Feb 2, Chepie dissappears for a few weeks. Then I'll re-do the weatherstripping, and new rugs.

    Funny thing is, this is probably the most money I have ever spent on the car at one time, except for buying it!!!

    I'll post as it goes...
  2. way to go

  3. how much???

  4. dan we must have many before and after pics, so we can all get a good laugh at that old top LOL. oh yeah and some color pics of underhood would be nice too, since all i got to see were the black and white ones in mustang illustrated. oh and detailed write-up of the weatherstrip install. which weatherstrip did you decide to go with by the way? well good luck and let us know when it's time for the 24 beer salute to the old top. you know when you get all this stuff done you're not going to want to sell it, right.
  5. few weeks??? :shrug:

    nice car though :nice:
  6. good to hear you getting a new top :nice:.
  7. Top and parts

    Sure, I'll take lots of pics before the car goes!

    I am stll shopping for the weatherstripping, I have not bought it yet. I will also have to re-align windows too! Lot's of work to do!!

    Trying to find the trim is impossible!!

    Cost wise, the top and Labor will be about $1000 plus any unforseen costs, which pop up once the old top is removed. I'll send up two disposable cameras with the car, and hopefully get some pics taken during the work. Car will be gone approx two weeks.

    Once all done, I'm going to super clean and detail the car, and get it ready to sell:( (Kit Cobra Next)

    I'll post an engine shot soon, I have one somewhere.....
  8. A pretty car deserves a pretty top. Glad to see that you are finally breaking down but it will make you feel better too:nice: Don't forget the pics when she is done.
  9. Gotta post pix!!! I always like seeing a pretty girl topless!!!:D
  10. Blue Fuzzy, Are we talking about the car or ???????:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  11. :D :D :D :D :D

  12. Maybe if you break this down barney style il understand..... :scratch:

  13. NOPE...!

    You're only half-baked!!!:nonono:
  14. Ooooooo, topless, um:scratch: :cheers:, sure why not :nice: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  15. SHE'S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and not a minute too soon to save this thread...

    She's gone!!!!!

    At least for two weeks!!! Dropped it off today, she's in good hands with a guy who know's how to peel off her top, piece by piece, until she has nothing to show exept her bare undersides!!!:lol: (wow, I sound almost as bad as the closet gang!!!)

    here are some pics to show how bad it really was. I can't beleive I put up with it for this long, but life got complicted for a while, now great!!!

    I've given the upholstery shop two disposable cameras, so hopefully i'll get some 'During" shots, which I'll post here. Also just ordered a new weatherstripping kit, rugs, door handles to finish the interior re-do...

    You'll see it here first!
  16. Pics...

    Gad, it was so bad!!!
  17. more...

    more ugliness....
  18. more grunge...

  19. One more look...

    the horror..........
  20. defiinitely time for a new one, let us know when she comes home so we can give the old top that 24 beer salute
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