It's official!! Chepie's going in for a new top!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by chepsk8, Jan 22, 2003.

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  4. Jeez! A thread from the past!!!

    Well, the new top is still on it!!
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  7. I'm afraid I may have answered my own question......:eek:
    I think I may have answered EC's questions too!:(
  8. Oh, wow! A blast from the past!
  9. OK Stanger, put the Bong down and step away slowly :D
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  11. Ahh, memories!

    The end of my part of the story here is the top went on quite well, but ended up by taking six weeks, as the shop was moving, and had other projects going at the same time. My truck was happy to park in the vacated garage during the big snows.

    I also got new weatherstripping, and ended up by doing a complete interior restoration, a part of it will be shown in an upcomming issue of Hemmings Mustang marketplace Magazine.

    In Feb of this year, I was contacted by a fellow in Minnesota, who was referred to me by PAK, who was looking for a 1969 'Vert, and long story Short, I sold Chepie, and bought COBRASK8. The new owner seems quite happy with the car, and is continuing the restoration, but will keep it a street car.

    I will ultimately be painting COBRASK8 Indian fire, so the circle starts again!
  12. And I got some organ donor parts from Chepie out of the deal also. :banana:

    Boy there sure were alot of things left over from the restoration though, I still don't know what's holding the old girl together. :rolleyes: (J/K)
  13. Pak,

    You should have seen what I had accumulated!

    I still have a complete C-4 trans & brackets in the basement, plus some small, assorted stuff!
  14. Duct tape and bubblegum.
  15. You forgot all the old paint, sealer, wood screws, and asorted bolts!
  16. Well, I'll be sure to keep that in mind if I ever need to make my car match the decriptions of it in the Hemmings mag. ;)

  17. Oh no! The gutter it's comming back! I don't think it ever left.....

    Here's a question, whats going to happen when the gutter overflows, are you guys goingn to start kicking out people or re-invest on a different "filling"?
  18. Hey Mustanggurl!

    Hot in Vegas?
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