It's official!! Chepie's going in for a new top!!!

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by chepsk8, Jan 22, 2003.

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  1. Boy, how awful. You should be spanked for letting it stay so bad:nonono:, Well at least it is being fixed now.
  2. That's why I'm living near the beach....:D

    Not hardly!!!:nonono:

    However I AM surprised that Deanna let's you talk that way about HER Chepie!!!:eek:
  3. Promises, promises!!!:rolleyes:

    You TEASE!!!:D
  4. Re: NOPE...!

    that can be fixed:canflag:

  5. Re: Re: NOPE...!

    Knowing you, you'd end up a krispy kritter!!!:D
  6. Time to jump into the gutter with everyone else...

    Mustang Suzi's quote has me intrigued.........:banana: :banana: :jaw:

    Anyway, The garage is too empty without it......Cleaned up, getting ready for some work!!!
  7. Re: Time to jump into the gutter with everyone else...

    There is NO jumping allowed in the gutter, you will have to wallow like the rest of us!!!:D

    As to Suzi's quote.....which one has intrigued you :scratch:, the one about going topless...? :drool: OR the one about spanking...? :D
  8. Suzi's quotes...


  9. Re: Suzi's quotes...

  10. Closet Gang

    So is this what it's like to wallow with you guys, and completely hi-jack threads???

    Kinda fun!!!:worship:
  11. Re: Closet Gang

    You've just hi-jacked your own thread. That's the first step to becoming a member of the closet club. Now you have to hi-jack someone else's thread.


  12. Hi-jackings...

    But they started it..........:D

    Do I have to fill out a multi-page application??
  13. Re: Re: Closet Gang

    It's much safer learning how to hijack threads by starting with your own, as opposed to hijacking the thread of someone who might be armed and dangerous....:eek:

    DID NOT!!! :p

  14. Re: Hi-jackings...

    No, but you do have to make the required donation to the "Fix up Sadie Foundation."

    Just send a check or money order to:

    The Fix up Sadie Foundation
    c/o Tobi Gooch
    Knob Noster, Mo


  15. Re: Re: Hi-jackings...

    WHAT is a "Knob Noster" and do I need to get one for my 'stang..???:scratch:
  16. Re: Re: Re: Hi-jackings...


    I don't think it would fit on your stang.


  17. Re: Re: Re: Re: Hi-jackings...

    Sure it will....I just have to fold it up.......:D

    errrr, ummmm, does anybody here know how to refold a map properly..??? :scratch:
  18. I can do that, that is fold a map properly. I used to spend so much time looking at them I had to learn. As to my other comments and the gutter people we just love it in here and the weather is fine so just come in and join us, if you dare:D :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  19. And bring your own sunscreen!!!:D
  20. And bathing suits are optional:D :D :D :D
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