It's official...Edbert is a RICER!

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  1. I may well live to regret it but i broke down and bought some Xenon H4 headlights (the blue ones), to make matters even worse they have the "city lights" feature. I've not decided if I'll hook up the city lights at first or not, and if I do how I'll use them. I may connect them to the parking/running light circuit since I don't want any more switches in the cockpit (I've already got a power top switch and foglight switch).

    So, does this effectively ban me from the hallowed halls? Am I relegated to the small table (where the children eat) for dinner?



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  2. i see bullitt wheels, so its a lil late ;-)
  3. Great car, ugly walls. Remember, if nothing else you have got to look good.

    Words of wisdom from Historic.

  4. Man, that car looks great Edbert . How bout some full body pics?
  5. We'll forgive you this time.......:D

    btw....I second Hops sentiments......more pics!:nice:
  6. those look sharp. :nice: they're the ones that sell for like 70 bucks, right? how's the quality feel...from the pics i see online they look almost plasticy...i wanna see some in person before buying.

    more pics, and get some of them lit up at night.
  7. IMO, adding something that inproves the safety of the car (ie better headlights) is not considered rice.

  8. :puke:
    I agree with the redhead; better headlights are not "rice". Are four-point harnesses on street cars "rice"? Speaking as somebody who has experienced forward motion in an upside-down vehicle twice in my life; I'll say "I don't think so"!

    The Bullitt rims....let's just say I'm getting used to them! At least they're not those gawdawful rims that have a section still spinning when you're sitting at the stoplight. :puke:

    Still Dreamin'
  9. But those rims store kinetic energy for faster, more powerful launches! :rolleyes:
  10. 65 2+2: Whats wrong with my Bullitt wheels?

    HM: Its taking me years to finish this car and you want me to pain the freaking garage? You sound like my wife! :D

    Hop: I don't have any recent full body shots. Here's an older one when the car had no drivetrain (see the sunlight?).

    3speed: I got mine for $49.99, the lenses feel good, the backing feels kinda wimpy and light (hehehe) but thats beacause it is aluminum and all, the city light pigtails are too short. Other than that I'm pretty pleased. I'd love to post some pics of them turned on but my wiring harness is pretty much non-existant right now. I'm about 40% done with a painless kit and just bought a battery last week.

    Chelle and Dreamin: It is not that they are better (thats not in doubt) it is the city light thing-a-ma-bob and the blue color that have me worried about know...

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  11. The blue casts better light at night, period. As far as the "city light" thing goes.....just don't hook it up!

    Still Dreamin'
  12. Edbert- mind if i ask where you got them? I havent been able to find any without some sort of logo on the lens... or is that just a sticker that comes off...?
  13. I think they look good :nice: They will go well with the overall look of the car when it is finished, and as always more pics please :)
  14. FIRST The lights look fine, not my style, but then again my lights don't work for heck, so I'm probably just being stubborn and should get some.

    As per the 4 point harness comment, I agree completely. My dad died in 69 in a cougar. Went right through the windsheild head first. I was 8 years old. Wish he had had a 4 point harness. I count my roll bar and harness as some of my best mods and I have a few.

    Even if you're lap belted in any sort of frontal impact is going to send your face into the steering wheel IF YOU'RE LUCKY! There are also some great 3 point systems available these days, I just hope all of you on this board are taking some extra precautions to make up for no CRUMPLE ZONES, NO AIR BAGS, NO HIGH TECH BUMPERS...... We're playing dangerously out there no reason to give yourself a little extra safety. THAT INCLUDES BETTER LIGHTS!
  15. Speaking of RICE, my wife saw the Mazda 3 5 door hatchback at the LA auto show this year. She though it was cute. Anyone want to guess what we bought a week later..... She didn't like the SVT focus' look.

    It's a pretty nice little car though, fun to drive. 160 hp look out civics we're gunning for you jk.
  16. Wow, i bet you could fit a lot of people in the mazda limo with all them doors
  17. Sure if you take out the space, wise guy. Mazda 3 (5 door) hatchback...
  18. 3spd...check your PMs.

    I don't want to post that info here, it crosses the line of appropriate useage of the forums.

  19. Eric- that sucks about your dad. How old were you? Me, I lost the man I claim as my father in 95 or 96; it's hard to remember exactly. He was my grandfather.

    As to safety plans, I have 5-point belts slated for the Cougar, and 5-points and a custom cage for the bronco. Maybe, if I can work out the logistics and ECM stuff, ABS on both as well. Safety is highly important. Stay safe.

  20. I was 8 years old. I got a great step dad when I was 13 and he has been a great guy, but still think about my dad. I'm now 43. I have a 3 year old son, and I often think about what a kick my dad would get out of him. Be fun to see them playing together.

    So whatever safty mods anyone decides to get.....MONEY WELL SPENT.

    Sorry about your Grandfather, cycle of life is sometimes a ****. But it's nice to have had these wonderful people in our lives. Kids make it make more sense.