It's official...Edbert is a RICER!

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  1. it was a joke edbert dont worry, i luv the bullitt wheels on it :)
  2. Same here - but only 42. Would that my Dad would have lived (and been cognizant) to meet his grandson and namesake; who is now 7. At least he had the chance to meet and influence my oldest (17); who shows up around here sometimes as 1/2NoKitten (Justin's girlfriend). The one time he met my now 14-yr-old (about 3 months before he passed); I'm not sure that he recognized that she was not 1/2NK - or if she was a member of our family. And he did pass 5 yrs before my son was born. I think Grampa and little Matt would have had a lot of fun tossing the ball around.

    Something to think about when living your safe, because you can't be invincible.

    Still Dreamin'
  3. I have some of those with the little sticker in the middle. They are made better than my 15? year old halogen bulbs. They do look kind of plastic-like, but once they're on the car and you have all of your other lights new or cleaned, they look nice. Also, you can't notice the little sticker while you're driving. If you can, then you pay way too much attention to something other than the road and traffic.