It's Official

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Ryan L, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. The new Mustang kicks ass. :banana:
  2. Im with you there. :nice: :banana: :banana: :D
  3. Agreed. I want one so bad. :eek:
  4. Yep i'm a definite fan! talked to a guy from Ford today at the Washington Auto Show. He had the concept there and was talking about the new design for the production. Dont know how accurate it is, but he was saying October for the coupe, and next march for the vert.
  5. I agree, I'm thinkin about pickin one up in maybe 2 years or so, but we'll see, I need to get a house first :)
  6. Well I guess I am the only one disappointed then. Looking at a picture of the concept car and then the production model I am disappointed. I think Ford hit it right on the head with the concept but fell short with the production model. Looking at a side view of the production model it looks like the 2004 mustang with the front nose chopped off and the trunk stretched a little. I know that a concept car is just that a concept, but I thought Ford was heading in the right direction of making the mustang look like a muscle car from the factory. To me the production model looks wimpy. The word that comes to mind when I look at the pictures is Mustang II. From the looks of the concept and the Photoshop pics that people are doing I can see the potential but I guess I was expecting more. But that is just my opinion. Different cars for different folks I guess. Maybe when I see it in person I will feel differently. Guess all I can do is hope that the 2006 Cobra looks more like the concept.
    I do applaud Ford for raising the HP to 300hp though.
  7. I like what I see. The styling is exactly what I expected, production type changes.

    The main concern for me was the rear suspension, and it looks like Ford did a good job. I was praying for a three link with a Panhard bar and springs acting on the axle. That is as close to independent as possible while retaining the solid axle. Maximum Motorsports and Griggs have set up a lot of road racers and autocross cars with that type suspension!! :nice:
  8. Remember that most Mustang sales are from the base model, not the GT and Cobra. If they made the car look a bit too radical, the sales could have really suffered.