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  1. Deep breaths, everyone. I was hoping that the new Mustang would morph into a sleeker, more purposeful shape with queues from the present Mustang. I merely wanted to see the car move forward in time and not backward. What was delivered was a 1967 retro with a square, boxy, non-aerodynamic front from 37 years ago. MAYBE it will grow on me in time but I can honestly say that the Mustang II and the 2005 coming out are the ones that I least like and feel little connection too. I think that the young guys will like this but to ME it's a rehashed version of something that has been around since 1967. I do not think the exterior took much effort to design. I think the engineering of the new engine and BMW type front suspension should have come awhile ago. Remember this was still, in essence, a 1978 Ford Fairmont until this recent redesign. Yeah, I'm a little older but I still like my, purchased new in, '89 GT. Would I want a retro version of it in 2016? NOPE. Maybe Ford has that planned, too. Also, I don't want a retro Roadrunner (Plymouths dead, anyway), retro Camaro/Firebird, retro Charger, . . . oops, it's coming and it's not that attractive.
  2. I like to consider myself young. But not sure I qualify. But I like the car. And honestly can't see that much resemblance to the 67. I see more 65-66 fastback styling to it. And since that is my other car. Which I really want to update to more modern suspension and drivetrain. I think I am getting the best of both worlds. Yea the suspension was long overdue. But you have to realize that retro is selling cars (Maybe not long term but for a few years it does sell well.). The t-bird was one of the few cars to break that trend. And likely had more to do with lack of power and high price than styling. It was also a complete turnaround in it's progression. The T-bird was a 2 seater to begin with. But had spent the bulk of it's life as a 4 seater. Then went back to a 2 seater. Whereas the mustang will not suffer from that.
  3. Stangar,

    Good luck in your quest. I guess you will not be buying from the "big 3", because they all have "retro" cars or trucks. These days, companies generally build us what we want. Ford seems to know how to sell Mustangs. They have done quite well over the past quarter century or so. I think they will have no problem selling new Mustangs. Your gripe about the rear suspension made me laugh. The vast majority of Mustang owners are not "enthusiasts" that enjoy speeding around bumpy curves. Most Mustang owners have different needs than the average Corvette and RX-8 owners.
    Let me know when you are ready to completely sign off on Ford products, I will be more than happy to take the engine in your Pantera off your hands.
  4. I don't mean to be harsh but the '89 body has to be the "boxiest" design in Mustang's history. On top of that the rear looks like a slanted door hatch from a van. You stated this car would be much more preferable than the 2005? I might as well try reasoning with the wall next to me :shrug:

    On the contrary this Mustang has taken a great deal of effort both in design and engineering. We both agree all of this should have happened much sooner. Wait until they arrive at the showroom. Take a test drive then decide :jester:
  5. The whole "retro is bad" idea is weird to me. For one thing, the 2005 is really not that retro, put it side by side with a late 60's Mustang and you'll see that it looks entirely different. It looks to me like an updated SN95 body with new front and rear clips that have some cues from other eras. To me it's just a style -- and I do not subscribe to the theory that once something has been done, you can not ever do anything similar in the future. It was good looking then, and it is good looking now.

    I wouldn't worry much about Ford re-creating the Fox body Mustang in the future. That was an era where heritage did not matter to Ford, and I think they're going to avoid that in the future. With a car that has this kind of history, it is worth maintaining some link to the past, even when it's only visual cues.

    But everyone is entitled to their opinions. If everyone liked the same thing, we'd all be driving the same car, and now wouldn't that be boring! Besides, *someone* has to buy the imports, might as well be you.

  6. Ford's current design direction is to really pay tribute to the classics of the old days, designs that made such models like the mustang huge. Blending classic looks with new technology i think is a great way to pay that tribute. It seems to be working quite well too. Ford isn't fitting the retro design with their entire line of automobiles, which means that there will be new designs for the years to come. Just my thoughts.
  7. Hey, look on the bright side. Lets think about the simpilist part of this whole like/dislike of the new 05 Mustang. At Least WE STILL HAVE A MUSTANG to buy, and its not slower, its faster, and the suspension (A 3-Link system) is ages better the the 99-04 (More like 79-04) suspension. And agree with Fords decision to keep the solid rear axle. My g/f's brother has an 04 Cobra and I got to drive it, hitting that IRS wheel hop when you try to spin the tires is not a pleasent feeling. If people are serious about Draging with a Cobra, they go and swap out the IRS for a GT solid Axle. After I drove the Cobra (I still love it its just a comparison) I was glad I stuck to my decision of Buying a Mach 1 IRS is not fun when you really like straight line performance.
  8. In the modern world of bland jellybean and square box shaped automobiles, the 05 Mustang is a refreshing return to artistic style.
  9. Yeah, why would a car company want to maintain links to their classics of the past? Of course there is a small manufacturer in Germany (I think the name begins with a "P") that keeps insisting on producing a model whose basic design can be traced back to the early '60s. It goes by some sort of number or something (911 sounds familiar) and they seem to be very successsful with it. The newsest versions have vastly more performance than the originals, just like the '05 Mustang will have vastly better all around performance than it's predecessors. I for one, think the new Mustang will be a huge hit.
  10. Peugot?? Pontiac?? Plymouth?? :shrug:

    JK.. :lol:
  11. You call it homage, I call it a caricature.

    Oh, and you forgot J. Mays' best retro designs of all, the Five Hundred and Futura (now Fusion) which pay homage to the Audi cars of the late 1990's.
  12. Funny, I don't recall anyone talking about the 500 or Futura being retro. I guess after the feeble attempt at sarcasm about the Mustang design, you just ran out of ideas and had to pull something out of your....well, you get the idea...
  13. sounds like somebody can't qualify for financing.
  14. It's official allright... this thread is officially lame.
  15. hahahahaha, he comes on complaining about the new mustang then goes on to talk about how the new camaro is going to be retro styled? What new camaro? The only thing i've heard from the reps at chevy were specifically that there WILL be no new camaro anytime fact i believe the quote was more like the camaro will not be coming back.

  16. trust me there will be a camaro. might not be for ten more year but chevy wont be able to resist. or it might bring back the firechicken. but they will be back.

    I personally want them back. and this time if they start being on top of the HP wars. ford will stop playing with them and at least but the 5.4 in the stang.

  17. I want a new camaro to mainly for competition to keep prices down and keep the hp wars going.

    However, its very amusing to me that you say they wont be able to resist...what is it exactly they would be resisting; low build quality and record low car sales? Thats not anything any management wants.

  18. Greetings,
    This is my first post here.
    I'm buying a new Mustang.
    The Mustang came out when I was 12 years old. Since then I've wanted a '60s Mustang. School, then work, then other distractions (motorcycles) kept me from getting my Mustang (yeah, I still watch Bullitt every time it's on cable). I never cared for the styling of the later Mustangs and lost interest in the restoration thing after years of wrenching on bikes (at one point I could take a bike that was all together and remove, rejet and resynch all four carbs and have it back and running in less than 45 minutes).
    Now comes a Mustang that has styling reminiscent of the '60s, 300hp, probably the best build quality yet and all for less than $30,000.
    I'm buying a new Mustang.
  19. Maybe they want to keep the title of longest dash cover. If it wasn't for the windshield. Those things were big enough to sleep 1 comfortably, 2 if they were in a relationship.
  20. Caricature...only from 74-78.