It's time for new paint! Just need help with color.

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  1. I have a 66 coupe and was going to paint it candy apple red, I know there is a ton of them out there but I just think that color looks good on this car. Are there any suggestions for another color of red or possibly a silver that looks good too. Would love to see any pics you guys have.
  2. white with blue stripes on the hood and deck lid looks great imo.
  3. That's the color I'm going to paint my 65 Vert, it does suit the car and it's as nice a red as there is out there in my opinion :nice:
  4. for silver, look at mercedes... the "silber" they are currently using really nice on a flat paneled car, like a stang (my buddy just did a 67 nova in it) as far as red goes, the new 'vette red would be my choice
  5. I always had a thing for Ford's Poppy Red. Has a hint of orange in it, really sets it apart from all the other red cars but still has that eye-catching caliente color :)

    As for silver, I think charcoal/mineral greys are nice, but the rest of the car has to have a muscular attitude to match; IMHO it doesn't look that great on stockers.
  6. I wouldn't put le mans stripes on a convertible. If you do, the top needs to be white.
  7. If you want a bright red paint it Viper Red over a white primer.
  8. HOK Orion silver


    Porsche Guardsman red
  9. Alwas been a Vintage Burgandy fan, myself.
  10. My 66 coupe is Silver frost met its pant code 4
  11. If you had described that two tone to me, I would have said, that would look hideous.

    I see it in the picture and think, that looks great!
  12. I think that looks close to hideous. It looks like Foose got a hold of it. Most of his stuff is way overdone.
  13. I wouldn't either, I want a clean, simple look myself, two tones are too busy for me, stripes look a lot better on a fastback I think.

    As far as reds go, it depends a lot on how much you like orange in them, my wife doesn't like the orange reds hence the choice to go with the 60's Candy Apple Red, Lipstick Red is also very red. If you like orange in it, Guards Red is very nice. I painted my Jeep that color.

  14. Thats a nice looking Jeep!

  15. Thanks, it sure wasn't when I started on it, completely rotted, pretty much fabricated a whole new tub for it. I can't even imagine how many hours I put into it.
  16. Well, You did a good job bringing it back to life.