It's time for some new Interior...

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  1. For the past three summers I have been putting off re-doing my interior. Yesterday I have finally decided to upholster my front and rear seats. I'm glad I waited because I was going to go with TMI Sport Seats and yesterday I see they now make a Sport II Seat that has even higher bolsters than before. It's not going to be cheap, but the time has come.

    I will update with pictures as soon as I start.
  2. I saw those also and am considering them as well.. Interested to know how they turn out
  3. Here are some before shots before I pull out the interior.



  4. I put in the original "sport seats" in a 65 fastback myself and it was pretty easy once you get the hang of hog ringing. But, you will notice that with the foam they use your seat will "sit higher" in the car and I actually had to use a smaller steering wheel to fit the car. I am 6 foot tall. My wife who is 5 foot tall loves it as she fits perfect. Just be aware of the raise seat position.

  5. Ok, interior has been removed.

  6. Looking good, what brand sound deadener did you use? I`m getting close to needing some too.
  7. Dynamat. It may have been an overkill, but I did the complete interior including the firewall and the trunk.

    I am expecting to receive the upholstery tomorrow.
  8. Guess whats in the boxes?

  9. What's with the OSB trunk divider? Won't help much in a Pinto situation..Is that a temporary or other??? Just curious.
  10. I mean't this pic.....sorry.
  11. The trunk divider I believe stock should be some sort of hard fiber board, so I just used 1/4 plywood instead and then used Dynamat from inside the trunk.
  12. Ok, back seat is done.



  13. Looking great so far!!!

  14. I didn't know we had a TMI specialist here. :)
  15. Well now you do! Let me know if you have any questions. Can't wait to see them in the car!

  16. I just had new seat foam and covers for the front, annd just covers for the rear seats done. The material came from TMI. It was a real tight squeeze, looks great though.

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  17. Passenger seat done.



  18. Looking Good!
  19. Oh, I forgot to mention. To replace the front seat upholstery was a real bear! Especially the back part. Between the tear down, clean up, and installing the new upholstery I easily have over 5 hours. But it did come out nice. I think so anyway. :)
  20. Looking great! Can't wait to see them in the car!