It's time for some new Interior...

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  1. Looks awesome. Might have to order myself instead of going with different seats.

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  2. Front seats done..
    Rear seats done..
    Rear seat panel done..
    Door panels done..

    Just need to finish up the head liner and I can start putting everything back together. :)
  3. Making me wait here!!! Haha
  4. yeah ,pics man:pop:
  5. I just got the back seat in last night. The picture is not that great, not enough light. I will update more as I complete more..

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  6. Those do look nice. My upholstery is currently in great shape, but I would really love to have the sport seats in standard upholstery pattern.
  7. I do agree they look very nice!!!
  8. Should be all done by this weekend. I'll take some nice pictures in the sun outside of the garage. :) The seats feel real nice!
  9. Wooohooo!!!!
  10. Love them!

    IMG_6001.JPG IMG_6002.JPG IMG_6003.JPG IMG_6004.JPG
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  11. Looks sick!!!!!
  12. That is pretty sweet, looks great.