"I've got a fever. . . .

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  1. and the only cure is more cow bell."

    Actually, I'm bored.
  2. no, no silly.
    ...and the only PRESCRIPTION is more cow bell."
  3. Damnit. Screwed that one up. Oh well, I was in the right ball park . . . :shrug: :nice:
  4. Wowwy, wow wow... You know he sings and dances? He was a Jet in one of the big productions of West Side Story when he was much younger. He sang "when you're a Jet" on David Letterman one time; it was fantastic. That man is a freaking genius. :hail2:
  5. somehow I knew that was gonna be it before I even openned the thread. haha good job. :nice:
  6. You gimme cat scratch fever!!

    Cat scra... Oh not that fever...
  7. Did you get it from the girl next door?
  8. Well in the version I've heard (Pantera), I got it from some **** next door. Which is quite a good pun.

  9. Pantera????? Good grief! If anybody other than the incomparable Ted Nugent does that song; it has to be a cheap imitation!

    And Ol' Ted was a Ford fanatic back then - did things to Broncos that the rest of us only dreamed of. :drool:

    Still Dreamin'
  10. Ted! Gotta love someone who runs around on stage in a loin cloth and shoots flaming arrows at guitars.

    I know a guy who swears that Ted climbed up on a Marshall Stack and made it stop raining at a concert in Germany in the late 70's.

    True, he is a bronco man. I had forgotten about that.
  11. Uncle Ted is a little off, but man does he know how to have a good time.
  12. sorry I joined the thread so late, but did anyone else picture Will Ferell banging on a cowbell on Saturday Night Live wearing a brown belly shirt. Now THAT was hilarious!!
  13. I love Ted Nugent! He is my redneck dream guy, lmao! And If I lived in a trailer....Kid Rock.
  14. It was done well, I liked it :)
  15. He is hilarious. I think that the most disturbing bit was the "Casual Fridays" sketch where he is wearing a red white and blue half shirt and, if memory serves, matching thong.
  16. ya, the best part of that sketch was when the thong broke accidentally half way through and nobody could keep a straight face. Hey, if I had a bod like Will, I'd flaunt it too!!