Ivy Gold pics?

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  1. I'm trying to find pics of 67-68 coupes with Ivy Gold paint jobs but I'm having a hard time. Does anyone have any pics they can send me or links that I can go to?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. hmmmm

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  3. Thanks everyone! Those pics and links will do the trick nicely! I can't believe that I've been calling it "Ivy Gold" though... :nonono: oh well... :)

    hhead - your car looks VERY nice. Do you have any higher resolution shots of it?

    Thanks again everyone!
  4. thanks, I always liked the color w/ the black top. the current shades of the stock colors are actually really nice!
    not too many pics, bullitt also has a lime gold. I believe he has a website also. he might have more pics.

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  5. THanks again hhead! The more that I look at your car the more I LOVE that color. And I really like the vinyl top with it. Sets the Lime gold off qute nicely.
  6. no problem. I did want to keep it as close to stock as I could:lol: really, that is the combo the car came with. nothing like a vinyl top and lime gold paint to take you right back to 67!
    and it's nice being a rare color left in the restomod world, that and the top. But, I guess there's room for one more:D
    good luck in your hunt for a project car!:nice:

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  7. hhead, What size tire and rim combo do you have? Do you have it lowered? I love the wat it sits!
  8. 17x8 4.5bs, 235-45/17,it's the mustangs plus kit, Pro motorsports Neg wedge, 620 coils, 41/2 mideye leafs, Edelbrock IAS.
    I tried a few of the shocks out there. All had my fronts rubbing. Even though I rolled the lip a little. Went to the Edelbrocks, picked the front up, now I don't rub in the front any more. I rub in my rear when I hit A bump, because I got it loaded with gear on a road trip. When I'm in town, no extra person and luggage, no rubbing.