J&M direct fit brake lines teflon/stainless

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  1. J&M Products is proud to announce the release of these new direct fit D.O.T. certified Teflon lined brake hoses. These brake hose assemblies use true OEM style direct replacement non-universal fittings to achieve proper factory hose routing and fitment. Expansion of stock rubber hoses causes a spongy brake pedal feel and loss of initial braking force. Installation of our Teflon-lined stainless steel hose assemblies will give your car a firmer pedal, quicker braking response, and easier brake modulation. Every hose is tested to 3000 psi to guarantee a leak free hose assembly. Best of all these are made by J&M Products right here in the USA.


    - Direct OEM fit
    - Quicker brake response
    - Better brake modulation
    - Every hose is pressure tested to 3000 psi.


    For more check out www.hotpart.com


    Thought you guys would like to hear about these, nice OEM fittings combined with DOT teflon/stainless.


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