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    A few weeks ago, my father and I made the haul down to RTM Productions near Nashville, TN. RTM produces the Powerblock shows television shows on Spike, including Horsepower, Trucks!, MuscleCar, and Xtreme 4x4. It was definitely a cool trip to see their studio. Each show had there own room. We took a tour and met all the guys in the various shows and got to see their projects in process.

    While there, me and my father did a number of video shoots. One of them was a web interview by Courtney Hansen of my father. The interview covers some of the history of both the company and my father specifically. It also touches on our alternative fuel program and features our new 2010 ROUSH Mustang. You can view the videos of this interview here:

    PowerVideo - How to's, Car Guys, Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, Nova and more... | PowerblockTV
  2. Good stuff..

    Heck, I wish it were even longer. I hope Jack writes a book someday with all the Nascar related behind the scenes info that the general public never gets to hear about. Thanks for the link.