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  1. or set the engine back down,and roll the car/hoist out the garage just far enough for the boom to clear the ceiling.
  2. What color should I paint these wheels? I've been thinking silver/rally gold/pink/white. Black is out of the question because I already have black wheels
  3. Good progress.
    someone correct me if I'm wrong .... be careful with the rear end as I do believe it is not as beefy as a GT's would be.
  4. Check out the link in my signature, I did a 3.8 to Cobra swap recently, but I had a donor Cobra to get parts from. Have you sourced out a 5.0 wiring harness and computer? The 3.8 one won't work. I believe you said you're gong the T5 route, so you'll need a new pedal assembly as well, to add the clutch pedal. All the pedals are in one unit, you can't just add the clutch pedal.

    The front of the engine bay does not disassemble, the radiator support is welded in. But you should be able to pull the engine as-is if you get a couple of buddies to help. While you pull the engine back, your buddies can tilt the engine and tranny up so you get the clearance you need.
  5. Off to a good start! I have a 5 speed GT with very few parts left on it, engine and trans is gone. But if you need something let me know.
  6. okay, thanks!

    Sooooo... I painted the wheels pink... but I don't think I have a big enough ego to be sporting around pink wheels. lol, probably going to paint them silver instead.
    The pink looks really cool in motion though:
  7. I think Barbie would be envious of you sporting those wheels!
  8. definetly... but barbie is the last person I'm trying to make envious lol. U think silver would look really good?
  9. Silver wheels can work on a black car, yes.
  10. Or black.... I'm blacking out my whole car
  11. I already have a set of black wheels

    After painting 4 different colors.. I finally found the color of choice, gold.
  12. Gold?? :puke: lol
  13. it's your stang,so dont worry about others opinions.

    but i vote silver:p
  14. There is a lot of WTF? in this thread
  15. he's young

    all you can do is give advice
  16. he?
    lol, and I'm 22. Thanks ;)
  17. So its she then?

    Anyway dont use those black wheels you have PLZ! And I vote silver. But maybe you should find a set of stang specific wheels because the problem with others is that the offset is really never correct. IMHO
  18. Here's some of MY previous vehicles.
    1994 s10 355
    My current daily driver - 1999 Chrysler LHS
    Please don't assume things about people, especially trying to make yourself come off as rude. Everyone has different taste in vehicles, I respect yours, so please respect mine. Thanks :)
  19. okay, after 4 different colors I finally found the one