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  1. If you have the patience, try using Hondabond HT on that gasket (from the Honda dealer). The stuff is 10x better than any Permatex product. Also, make sure you let it dry for at least a day before putting water back in. I typically apply the Hondabond, finger tighten the part on, then torque it the next day as to not squeeze all the sealer out when it's still wet.

    Also, have you run that sub yet? I'm wondering if that bend at the end of the port will cause wind noise.
  2. I'll see if this leaks and if it does still I'll try that, thanks
    and the car is doing the "no spark" thing again
    I need to find out what is causing that :(
  3. you have done a wonderful job on this build
  4. thankyou :)
    Look what I got
    semi-rare 1000w RMS rockford fosgate Punch HX2 12"
    these subs are so sexy, and so heavy. Pinched my fingers and gave me a nice blood-blister when I was lowering it into the box
  5. my buddy had one of those 10's in his honda, hit a 144db
  6. niiiiice, probably had a big box right?
    I put this in the ported box I made and it sounds so good, running a pioneer 760w 380w RMS amp to it, will switch that amp with the one in the chrysler for a kenwood 400rms 800max. Hits nice, is comparable to the chrysler's 2 subwoofers, but it's in a small car vs a huge car. Anyways, I'm happy with it, and I don't mind adding a couple pounds to the rear of the car
  7. I remember when those came out, my brother and I put single 15" one in his 240SX. Tuned the ported box to 32Hz and it hit 151 dB with the mic about 8" from the windshield. It was good times :rlaugh:

    If you tune the box properly, it should work well for you. I had two 12" ones in my '95 and they sounded decent but eventually the voice-coils failed on both :(
  8. aww that sucks
    this box was 1.159 cf then stuffed with 1.5lbs polyfil to "increase" size to 1.62 cf and ported to 31.5hz after stuffing. The only limitations are the amps I have but I'm not trying to blow out any windows or hurt my ears lol
    so hopefully I don't burn out the voice coils any time soon
  9. btw, you were right
    got rid of the fuel-oil mixture and changed the oil, runs much quiet now
  10. anyone have any ideas on the no-spark condition?
    It's done this before, problem was randomly solved, then it worked until the engine warmed up and now it has no spark.
    Distributor and coil have been replaced. I ordered a ignition control module to see if that fixes it. Anyone have any other ideas?
  11. when you say you replaced the dizzy, where did you buy it from and how much did you pay? curious.
  12. autozone for $100
    I think I should replace the cap too. Cap and rotor are used still....
  13. replaced cap, no spark still :shrug:
  14. It randomly will start now. I was testing the connection between the TFI and distributor and there's good continuity between the wires, and I was probing the PIP wire with a test light and then it suddenly was priming the fuel pump/sparking when I would turn the distributor a bit. Before that, when I turned the distributor the system wasn't doing anything. I'm wondering if the new TFI will fix this intermittent issue.
  15. a 100$ dizzy from Autozone is going to be a rebuilt unit. We've all figured out by now that rebuilt units are junk because they will reuse the PIP sensor, they just clean it up really good.

    I've had this issue, many others have had this issue. Your 2 choices are: Go to NAPA and buy their "Echlin" line PIP sensor and swap it out yourself. I got tired of swapping dizzies every other day so I did this and the car hasn't even had a hiccup since. The sensor was 40 bucks, but was made to OEM standards and had a better warranty.

    Other choice is to buy a brand new distributor. Believe it or not Advance Auto parts can special order a brand new one that is 5.00$ LESS than the rebuilt one! go figure
  16. boo
    well, the next time it happens, I know exactly how to test it by jumping power to the PIP line to see if it is in fact the distributor :(
  17. he had a custom slotted box, and ya it took up the whole trunk. he also had a memphis 2k watt amp
  18. Covered the floor in sound-deadening bs
  19. I haven't been into stereo systems for about 10 years... I always enjoyed my Mach 460 as it has a very nice bass sound to it. However, I'm starting to get the urge to look into getting some audio gear. I'm just not sure where I'd begin! If only I could load the Mach 460 box with a pair of more powerful subs!
  20. why can't you swap the subs?
    I don't know much about the mach 460 system. I'm on my 11th vehicle and I've only owned 2 fords now!