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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Jamee, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Picked up a set of slightly used rotors/calipers with new pads and hardware from a 2001 saleen for $80 16k miles on calipers and 6k on rotors
  2. jamee.... just curious. About how much have you spent on this project?
  3. About $3900 including the cost for the car. This doesn't include items I've sold quite a few things, which have brought the cost down to about $3300 (such as blown engine/trans that came with it and extra parts here and there)
    I'll post the entire list of purchased items after the car is done
  4. thats not bad. I bought mine for 2k so I guess I'm trying to justify my purchase lol
  5. My steering pump froze so I had to order a replacement and the replacement got here when I was sick... then I left for newyork after I got better (I'm here on vacation) but will finish replacing pump when I return. Probably will be tuesday
  6. You can wire in a subwoofer into the Mach 460 to make it the equivalent of a Mach 1000, which is basically a Mach 460 with a subwoofer offered in the New Edge 'Stangs. Take a look at MustangWorld:

    Mustangworld Subwoofer install to Mach460

    I haven't done this myself, but the tech articles I have read from there have all been accurate.
  7. any updates?
  8. yeah just replaced the steering pump yesterday, going to start it in a few minutes and see if the dumb coolant leak is still there or not
  9. straight and clean!!

    straight and clean is right !! luv the pic. see what you get when you drive a stang!!
  10. speaking of driving a stang, I hung out with an old friend last night and he let me drive his 98 mustang. First time I've even rode in a mustang, and he let me drive it :)
  11. I still have the car, I've just been busy as ****, sorry for no updates
    I'll get to it soon as it's nice for a day when I'm not swamped with customers
  12. I was just about to ask what was going on with this! lol
  13. You stalk this thread haha
  14. I havent seen this thread before. Been a little while since I have been on here. I am working on the same but it is a side project. Great job! Sure is coming a lot faster than mine is lol. Is your coolant leak fixed?
  15. a lot faster? wow, mine's been over a year now lol
    and my started died on me (went cheap with ebay starter) so I need to fix that, pretty sure the leak is still there, but it doesn't really show unless the system is pressurized
    you have a thread on your build?
  16. No I dont. Wish I had done one......but yea, yours is a lot faster than mine. I have a lot of cosmetic work to do on mine thats is taking a ton of time. Besides, like I said, this is kind of a back burner build. Just working on mine when I am not to busy with other things
  17. gotcha, and same goes for mine lol :)
  18. Did you have issues with the stock 5.0 fuel lines not reaching the stock lines in the car?
  19. I ordered the end lines which attach the fuel rail to the chassis' fuel lines, they're like $50 on ebay or such for used ones. But I've also heard issues of random fires being caused from these lines, but I couldn't find another way to do it :-/
  20. I have heard the same from several people. My engine still had the lines that you are talking about on it from the '94 gt that it came out of. When I pun the engine in, the lines were a little to short and were bent weird so they wouldnt connect. I ended up installing the Aeromotive fuel sysyem on mine. I just don't know why the stock gt lines would'nt work???