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  1. I'm not sure about shimming anything. Do you have the plate installed that goes between the engine and bellhousing? These cars don't use shims so if starter is catching like that there's a problem.
  2. yes that plate is there
  3. I used several washers to shim the starter, need to add multiple ground points now since the washers are preventing the starter from grounding well to the engine since the main ground went to the starter. The interior lights flicker and the battery gauge moves to the firing of the engine. But I'm sure it's the ground since it didn't do it before, so I'll just add multiple ground points between the engine/trans/starter/body.
    All of the power steering fluid is leaking out the passenger's side of the steering rack. I'll be ordering a new one on tuesday. Can't really run the engine much because I don't feel like seizing up another steering pump.

    Despite the problems, the engine runs really smooth and is nice and quiet at idle other than the deep tone of the exhaust. I'll get sound clips when I can

    Also, I'm thinking I won't even route the exhaust out to be visible in the rear. Currently the exhaust is dumped right at the mufflers. Any opinions on if I should route the exhaust further back?
  4. i have to say i have liked reading this thread. im a fox guy and im new to the sn cars as my little borther just bought a 94 and it has been a learning experience. your doing a great job. as far as the exhuast goes i would definatley go for some polised tips and run it out to the bumper. bassani even makes one that you can slide a silencer into if you want. and as for the started i agree it shouldnt nee to be shimmed. are you sure its the right started for the flywheel your using?
  5. thankyou, and yes I understand what is diffrent than most setups. I'm running a 164 tooth externally balanced flywheel, the same as the 3.8 v6's tooth count, and I'm running the v6 bellhousing. All I can assume is that the 3.8 flywheel sits farther back from the engine, just so others know in the future

    as for the exhaust, I have nice 3" chrome tips from the 2006 mustang mufflers that I used, but not sure if I want any visible tips on the outside of the car. We'll see. I had decided to not get a spoiler but that changed also. Plan on getting a saleen spoiler or whatever they're called.
    Would Carbon fiber spoiler and wiper cowl look bad? (nothing else carbon fiber)
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  6. Went to get an alignment and they said the balljoints were bad, so I tore apart the front end, upgraded to dual piston PBR's, drilled and slotted rotors, ran new brake lines for the front, painted everything under there, and cut the springs 1/2 coil on both sides.
    So hopefully I can take it to the dealership monday after work and get it aligned finally!
    oh, picked up some black leather seats for $120 also
  7. Haven't been on in a while....Car is looking great Jamee. How do you like those PBRs compared to stock? I've been debating doing that for a while.
  8. thanks
    actually the trans is out of it right now, just picked up a replacement to go into it, waiting to find time between balancing two jobs and dealing with winter :p
    This must be the slowest finishing of a car on stangnet ever :p
  9. Car is coming together very nicely. I'm in Detroit and it gets colder in Flint then it does here. I give you props for working on it in the winter. I'm saving my major work for spring time. Who taught you how to work around cars so well? You are definately very sharp. Also. and this is my opinion. Some tint would set the car off.
    Anyways Im loving this site and being able to come in here and get insperation.
    keep up the excellent work.

  10. thanks, but the weather has actually been pretty decent so far this winter. Also, my dad knew a lot about cars and I tore my first vehicle entirely apart, so I learned a lot through that. I'm on my 11th vehicle now at age 24. I rolled my chrysler (one in display pic) into a ditch and the front and rear bumpers were ripped off from the tow truck driver pulling it out when I wasn't there.. so I purchased another chrysler that is the same color with the bad engine to repair it (so I have another car project in my hands beside the mustang lol)

    And I plan on tinting the windows, but the rear window is not going to be done by me, I'm not even going to attempt lol
    do you have a build up thread?
  11. Thats great. You clearly know your way around a car. I also own a 1999 LHS. Love that car because of its size and comfort. but I blew the 1st cylnder. The pressure oil hose went bad and it eventually led to problems. I was going to sell the car but I have too much money in it to sell. I really want it back running. Its taking up space in my garage. So I know the feeling there.
    I dont have a build up thread but I should have started one.
    I bought this car in Oct and did all my suspension work and some work under the hood before it got cold. My dad used to preach not to be outside in that cold on the ground and stuff so I dont do car work in the winter. In the spring I'll start a build thread as I finish. The car is running great right now. But Im definately going to dig into that engine more. Tinting isnt too bad if you follow the directions to a tee. Dont skip any steps. Even the back window can be done. But I can understand if you dont. "Not like you havent done enough yourself lol" Just wanted to say your thread got me hype and when I saw you were from Flint that got me even hyper because I know how cold it is around these parts this time of year. it hasnt been too bad as far as snow. But it is still nasty out there and only about to get worse. LOL KEEP GOING.
  12. lol yup
    I'll look forward to seeing your buildup. There's sn95's around michigan but seems like a lot of them have disappeared.
    The 2001 LHS I bought has rod knock, or piston slap. I can't really tell which. Previous owner had way too much oil in the engine when they sold it to me.
    I plan on tearing the engine down and rebuilding it, hopefully the block is still useable. The nice things about the 2001 is the compass/ MPG readout has a display with many pixels, which also has some options you can change (such as honking/lights flashing when you unlock etc) And the 2001's had a real-wood steering wheel which would be nice. My leather steering wheel in the 99 is wearing and it's turning from tan to a dark brown, it's ugly. When you find out what's wrong with your chrysler PLEASE tell me! And good luck with your cars :)
  13. The problem with any Chrysler product is that they are Chrysler products! Every single one of them that I've ever owned were nothing but crap. The last vehicle was an 02 Grand Caravan and the bright folks at dodge decided to mount the injector harness right above the exhaust manifold, and they secured it with some crappy plastic clip. When the clip failed the harness dropped on the manifold, burned the wires and fried the computer. Everything replaced cost hundreds of dollars and the van never ran correctly again. The dealership couldn't get the computer calibrated correctly (they said it was). I traded it to my brother for his 96 Nissan Maxima. Best trade I ever made and I vowed to never own a Chrysler again in this or any other lifetime!!! I loathe that company.
  14. that's too bad
    I've owned a couple now and have had good luck with them. The 3.5L is a beast of an engine and I've put 60k ontop of the 87k when I had bought it and still runs strong. The LH series are fun cars that only weigh 2600 lbs (not heavy for a 4 door huge car) with 250hp. The problem is they are geared for old people, but I installed an Autostick which makes city driving very sporty :) And the vinyl top gets the old guys in the corvettes going lol
  15. I agree. I am not a Chrysler fan at all. They are targets to be stolen and for the most part the engines blow easily. The quality isnt there. I am a Ford man all the way but I liked that 1999 LHS. I needed a car with size and a v-6 at the time. I actually started liking this car very much. It has nice leather, moonroof and gets 27-28 miles per gallon out of that 3.5. I drive on the highway alot so that is a plus for me. It ran smooth as a babies ass. I got it with 93 thou and it right now has 195 thou. I rebuilt the entire water system, front end, rear suspension, fuel pump, rack and pinion, changed the trans fluid when I bought it and that car ran great the entire time. My oil pressure hose had a leak and I never fixed it then over a winter I got lazy with it. messed up that first piston. I might tear it down and rebuild. But the rebuild kit alone is $650 for this car. They consider it a luxary car so the parts cost more. I hated that. A friend of mine whose family is Chrysler workers and lovers wants to buy it from me so I'm holding on to it til he can come up with a few bucks. but it wont be for too much longer because I need the room for another Mustang lol.
    Jamee what is an "autostick"?
  16. My first car was an 85 Chrysler Laser and it was a hunk of crap. Traded that for a 89 Daytona and it was a hunk of crap too. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that car except the fact the rings were fried in it just like every other K car that Chrysler made in the 80s. Would have been nice to see them have to replace a couple million 2.2 and 2.5L engines!!

    I admit, Ford's have their issues too.. but nothing compared to Chrysler.
  17. Still have the mustang, still need to repair the transmission.
    Since I've posted here, I've bought another chrysler LHS, bought 2 motorcycles, traded 1 motorcycle for a PT cruiser, made the PT cruiser how I wanted it, Working on rebuilding the other motorcycle I have. Plan on FINISHING the transmission in the next month, finally....

    Bike when I picked it up for $600

    Bike currently after I did quite a bit of work to it....

    $600 bike I traded for the pt cruiser
    PT Cruiser

    Yup so that's what I've been doing since I put the mustang on pause lol
    I honestly do hope to finish it within the next month, just needs that transmission swapped over from one t5 to another chassis