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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Jamee, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. gun metal?
    anything but gold,lol!
  2. i wasn't tring to be rude
    if you were offended then i apologize
    but you are still young
  3. the gun metal looks good. what kind of paint are you using?
  4. some Dupli-Color Wheel Coating. Seems to work pretty well.

  5. Very nice, it looks like it came that way!
  6. thanks
    my friend's selling me some d9oe heads for the mustang.. I've been waiting on a parts car but tired of waiting, need to just start collecting the parts now.
  7. any updates bud
  8. Just finishing up the other wheels and tearing apart the engine still. I popped a ball joint on my chrysler today so that held me back a little. I'll post updates when things start rolling again :)
  9. Mmmkay I have a couple of questions. Do I reuse my auto crossmember or do I need one for the T5?
    Why do I need the 94-95 timing cover? Can I use the accessories and brackets from the fox bodies?
    I ordered an 89 A9L harness and computer, what will I need to rewire (not specific wires) but where the 89 engine harness will meet up with the 94's etc. Thankyou
  10. I could be wrong with all this but

    I think you need a t5 crossmember
    I believe the brackets are different
    Not sure how the PCM will work cause the 94 sensors are way different and there are more of them
  11. First off, the brackets are different, however, as long as you use ALL the accessories and brackets/timing cover/water pump from a Fox you'll be set! The water pump pulley will come really close to the radiator and from what I've read it will negate the use of a thick aftermarket radiator.

    Second, of course the fox EEC will work in our cars. People have been doing it forever now. And actually, the Fox has more sensors, namely the BAP sensor.

    Jamee, if you are good with wiring and following Ford wiring diagrams I'm quite sure you can pull this off. I'm sure you aren't the first to put a Fox engine/EEC/wiring into a 94/95 Car. You'll just have to figure out how to make all your gauges and such work and how to integrate that older Fox harness into the newer body. Good luck! :nice:
  12. Thanks a lot for the bracket/accessory info, and I actually don't mind wiring. Guess I'll see the difference in connectors/mounting locations when I get the harness..

    So here is the plan.
    Friend gave me a great deal on trading him an old server I had and a cheap 5.1 sound system for some ported and polished D00E heads.
    The roller cam I have is a 1,5 firing order so I need a 1,3 firing order roller cam. If anyone has one for sale or recommends one, please speak up, I'd really appreciate it. It needs to be EFI compatible. I'm contemplating running a stock 351 roller camshaft since I can get it cheap and I know I won't run into computer problems.. Is this a bad idea?

    I'll get all of the accessories and brackets from the fox bodies, t5 and a 94-95 t5 mount thing for different shaft length. And do I need a different distributor gear than the truck one or do I need to replace the distributor altogether?

    And what headers do people recommend to run?
  13. I'm not getting those firing orders. Is that the first two cylinders in the firing sequence? I think our cars are 1, 8 as in 1-8-4-5-6-2-7-3.

    For headers you can just run a set of stock headers to get you going. Supposedly shorty headers don't offer enough power to fuss around with.

    If the dizzy is from a later model truck with a roller cam then yes, it'll work. Otherwise it may be simpler to just buy a reman'd dizzy for a fox (since you're wiring the engine harness as such).
  14. The distributor is from an 87 truck engine.
    As for the timing, 1,3,7,2,6,5,4,8 is for HO engines,
    1,5,4,2,6,3,7,8 is for non-HO engines. The computer I have, the injectors are set to fire in the HO pattern, so I need a cam that will work with the computer. And I can't rewire the injectors order due to the "computer losing its ability to regulate air/fuel mixture" :fairyfight:
    And I'm unsure of where you got that firing order from? I can't find it anywhere:shrug:
  15. I was also under the impression that the non-HO engines had a firing order other than 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8, until I looked under the hood of my '96 F-150 5.0L. It has a sticker on the radiator support with a diagram depicting how to route the spark plug wires to avoid cross-firing, and it also has the firing order for the engine: 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. :shrug:
  16. Sorry, I was reading it clockwise and I guess it spins counter clockwise. :(
  17. lol np
    anyone with camshaft recommendations?
  18. mmkay, well I picked up a basically new roller cam out of a ford crate engine for $25, and some stainless steel headers.
    Cleaned up the engine, getting it ready for paint then I need to get the cylinder walls cleaned up
  19. your making good progress, better then I'm making with my project and I've had it much longer. Keep it up.
  20. It's nice to see a build where someone isn't being so anal about every single aspect of the build. You're getting parts quick and making good progress, that helps to keep you motivated. Remember, once the car is running you can always make little tweaks here and there to improve its performance and appearance.

    I so often see people do the same thing you're doing and it ends up taking months/years to complete because they are being too meticulous about everything. Keep up the good work!