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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Jamee, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. I'm trying! :nice:
    I'm doing a budget build that's aimed at being reliable. So far I have $1,567 into this project, including the price of the car, and all I need is some minor parts other than the t5.
    I need motor mounts, t5 mount, t5, shift bezel, clutch linkage, timing cover, accessories and mounts...... and a new rear end :D
    Plus I can sell the old engine/tranny + 302 components I'll have left over. It's going pretty well... Could be faster if I had the right parts close to me, but tis life.:rolleyes:
  2. I painted the block black and the valve covers are black too, what color should I paint the heads, intake manifold, and oil pan?
    I'm open to suggestions :) ty
  3. nice.
    black for the oil pan.
  4. Yep

    I think the contrast of the two came out pretty cool
  5. You are making swift work of this little project, my dear. Kudos! :nice:
  6. That is looking pretty good.

    I have to say, you appear to be more skilled with a rattle can then some folks are with a booth and a gun :)
  7. Thanks, both of you.
    And I do love painting a lot :) years of practice...
  8. This car is gonna be awesome. :)
  9. Looks great. I would leave the heads silver/AL and do the same with the manifold but paint the emblem black on the manifold. At least I think that would look good.
  10. My mistake...
  11. lol I was gonna answer your question and tell you no but I guess you figured it out
  12. Yes :)
    I saw that in the pic it beveled so it was smaller than that.... lol
  13. So I have a new mini project for the car. I've never rebuilt a transmission before so figured I'd take on a 94 WC T5, wish me luck!
  14. good luck.
    i would as well,but i have no garage to do it in.
    the Hanlon How To Rebuild Your T5 Transmission DVD is really good.
  15. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm undecided if I want to bother purchasing a DVD or not.
    I took the cover off the transmission and found two of the gears ground, I think on 2nd gear.

    But I got the stainless headers, pretty happy with them. [​IMG]
  16. Still waiting for the block to get done at the machine shop.. working on other stuff that I can. Since I'm running 351w heads on a 302 block, the head bolts are a different size, so I had to order some bushings to make the head bolts work properly.
    View attachment 218479
    So far the running total is $2,068 including price of car.
  17. Is that bellhousing in the pic the correct one for a 5.0? I'm not sure if you mentioned which one you were going with, but the 3.8 one won't work as is. I think it needs modification to make it work.
  18. I have both 3.8 and 5.0 94 bellhousings right now. The 3.8 uses a 164 tooth flywheel (11" clutch) 5.0 uses 157 tooth (10" clutch) and I'm going with the 3.8 since I already have the larger flywheel. :)
  19. where did you get the larger flywheel for a 5 speed that fits that bellhousing with the proper imbalance? I searched high and low one time with no avail. I came to the conclusion that such a flywheel didn't exist unless you had one made special or had an existing one rebalanced.
  20. I'm using the stock flywheel that came on the 302, it's out of a f150 I think. Not really 100% sure what vehicle the engine came out of.
    The flywheel is at the machine shop getting resurfaced right now... they've had the block for like 2 weeks now... wouldn't mind them finishing it... lol :rolleyes: