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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Jamee, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. oh cool
    someone donate an intake to me please, thankyou :)
  2. The Explorer intakes flow as good as the GT40 and Cobra and are getting cheaper all the time.Check the salvage yards.They outflow the stockers by a pretty good margin.
  3. I have an explorer intake in the back of my truck if you want it. Just needs to be cleaned up.
  4. upper and lower?
    and are you guys sure they fit? :-/
  5. how much do you want to get it shipped to me?
  6. no go on the mufflers... called him and he said "I just handed them to the guy 2 seconds ago"
    oh well
  7. Those make a noticeable difference,although,remember,you will need the SN-95 elbow adapter for it.
  8. Or you can just run the fox setup which is cheaper and easier.
  9. True,you just have to do some cable swapping.If you can find an elbow (like on Ebay) for cheap,that's the way to go.
  10. i have the elbow, don't need it. there are tones on ebay, I check to see how well mine would sell, most are new a few are used. so if you want its yours for $45 shipped.

    oh ya and its brand new, gaskets and all.
  11. Sent you a PM on that intake.
  12. sigh...
    Didn't check the main bearings that were in there, but I put the new STD ones in and they're not happy.. Go check the bearings that were in there and see they're .002....... :(
    I've been under the impression this engine hasn't been rebuilt, so I ASSumed everything was stock..
    so what size do I need to order?
  13. Can't the machine shop tell you which size to order? Didn't they do the work on it?
  14. All I had them do was put in new cam bearings and resurface the flywheel... wish I had a micrometer.
  15. Couple days ago I cleaned up the crankshaft, here's some pics.......


    Bearings that confuse me

    I'm just lost, cuz I put the std rings in and tightened them to spec and the crankshaft is too hard to turn, but why would there be .002 undersized bearings in there? :S
  16. Probably because even brand new crankshafts aren't guaranteed to be in spec. And I guess they (Ford) didn't want to discard cranks that were off spec, so they'd use different bearings to compensate and run with it.
  17. Yeah it's just weird that the main bearings are labeled .002 and the piston rod bearings aren't labeled any additional sizing..
    I used some plastigauge on the mains and they appear to be .002, so I'm going to run with this.
    I bid on some spark plug wires on ebay and won them but the guy emails me saying "I am sending the wires via priority mail but I accidently cut 2 of them when boxing them up. I am refunding your payment as well. Sorry for any hassel this may have caused. " So I guess I'm getting a set of 6 spark plug wires? :-/
    Also, I figured out how the taillights are going to be. I'll post pictures after I do them and such.
  18. What kind of wires were they.Man,that sucks.At least you're also getting a refund.I'm using Taylor wires..They've been great for the past month so far.I'm curious about the tail lights.I love modded factory parts.Crazy.
  19. Ford Racing spark plug wires