Japanese Mustang!!!

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  1. ExCon--No No No!--keep posting your thoughts as they come. Don't be plain vanilla like most of the posters here. You keep things interesting.

    BTW, I doubt that many of the readers here understand what an apex is, let alone heel and toe and God forbid, double cluthcing while doing so.

    Sure this is a Mustang site, but that doesn't preclude controversial topics. In fact, that makes this site richer, at least for me.

    Not everyone here goes to the track. Some of us actually enjoy driving our cars on the open road and even through the twisties though I have had cars better suited for that.

    Stay well, my pot stirring friend.
  2. Forget about where the car is assembled fellas, consider where the parent company is instead.

    Which means more to the US economy; an assembly line job or an engineer?

    Which stock market would you like to support; the NYSE or the Nikei?
  3. I laughed really damn hard when i read this :rlaugh:
  4. Glad to hear the thought police didnt have you taken away :D
  5. Thanks for the support from our Military for freedom of speech Fallujah!
    Yes it apears that the Communist and Fascist Evil Axis that plies Stangnet tried to eliminate the right to freedom of speech. Unfortuntely they have implanted a chip in my brain under the guise of a flu shot and I have this uncontrollable feeling to do nothing but praise the Mustang!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.