Jarrod @ Lmrs

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  1. I sent Jarrod a PM a few days ago about some parts I want to order and to see how to get the Stangnet discount. No response from you as of yet.

    Wondering if they are closed for the weekend? Normally they are very good at responding.
  2. Thanks man. Ordering the 3.73 gears and master rebuild and some other stuff.
  3. foxswap was the Stangnet discount code the last time I ordered from LMRS .
  4. No problem man. I knew there was a thread on here somewhere about it. In case you find the forum search tools completely useless, like most people do, go to google and type site:stangnet.com (search terms here).
  5. I was out of the office this week. I just got back in and got your PM. If there is anything else you need , just let me know.