Jay Leno Dives Into The 2015 Ford Mustang

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  1. With a few more months to come before its total unleashing to the public, the 2015 Ford Mustang is already raising brows aplenty with the stormy debut just weeks ago. The totally redesigned 2015 Mustang is going to mark the 50th Anniversary of Ford’s poster child pony car, and there’s little doubt people will be lined up for order-taking within the next months…especially after tax time.

    But until then, each of us can simply aspire to own one and live vicariously through the lucky few who get their paws onto one. One such lucky devil goes by the Jay Leno–maybe you’ve heard of him? Even though Jay doesn’t get to tool around the streets in the car, you still get a pretty in-depth look at the latest & greatest Mustang we’re all ramped up for.

    Keep reading to check out the ~25 minute video spot for the 2015 Mustang and what Jay has to say about it.

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