Jay Leno to purchase StangNet ‘Built to Cruise’ Project Mustang


Admin Dude
Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
Trust us, we were just about as floored to get the call from outer Burbank this morning, too. Anyone who has any remote clue about cars at all knows Jay Leno is a HU-UGE car nut & Ford Mustang fan, and he possesses a crazy amount of antiques, classics, concepts, projects, and relics in his insanely-awesome garage of automobilia. So why did his people get online and scour for our contact information to show interest in BTC? Probably because the buzz it has spawned since it was built, and that Built to Cruise was the first sanctioned Coyote 5.0 swap into a Fox body Mustang laid out in full spread with documentation & photos along the way, and was done with detailed perfection…not some Frankenstein hack job a shade tree mechanic might come up with.
As for the price Leno is offering, we cannot say just yet, as his agent couple only promise us a few minutes with him on the conference call, and we mostly spent the time “kicking tires” and shooting the breeze. He’s a pretty stand-up guy and totally down-to-earth. He has an idea of what we expect to get out of the project and let’s be honest here–it’s not like Jay’s hurting for cash, heh!
Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you posted on what comes next. We are supposed to hear back by the close of business or at the latest, tomorrow morning…
Oh, and happy April Fools’ day, everyone!
What is NOT a joke is BTC is covered in the June issue of 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords magazine, so be sure to pick up a copy of your own to commemorate the awesome Coyote 5.0 Fox swap project from StangNet.

Read more of Jay Leno to purchase StangNet ‘Built to Cruise’ Project Mustang at StangNet!
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