Jaybird or Quarterhorse

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  1. I was looking at the moates site and trying to figure out what everything is. It looks to me like the Jaybird module+F3 chip can be used to burn tunes but can not be done on the fly like the Quarterhorse. Can the Jaybird be reprogramed more than once? Can anyone can explain the pros and cons of these items? Also there is the BURN2+F2A+F2E combo that looks like it has simular functions of the Jaybird. Any help would be awesome:shrug:
  2. The Jaybird module would be something you'd want, if you were planning on programming multiple F3 chips, or if you needed to read the tune on a chip, so you could make some changes. Your best bet would be to grab the QuarterHorse and Binary Editor. If you're planning on learning how to tune and make changes over time, you're going to need the datalogging capabilities of the QH anyhow.
  3. What Matt said :nice:

    Besides ... After you get to know what you are doing :scratch: :rlaugh:

    You can always buy a burner and some chips to load up a tune :)

    If you got a buck or two for one of those chips ... You could say ......

    I'm a Pro Tuner :D