JBA Dyno Day June 26th

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  1. 35$ for 2 pulls and A/F prinouts. Please let me know ASAP if you can make it. We have 5 already committed.

    Also tell me what car you'll be having dyno'd.

  2. Not sure I know where the JBA shop is. Map or web site with info. And what time will they start?
  3. JBA is down in San Diego, off the 52 freeway at Convoy.

    www.jbaracing.com is their website :)
  4. J.B.A.

    Count me if you don't have me down yet.

    Fred :flag:
  5. :stupid:
  6. Fred, what car are you bringing?
  7. J.B.A.

    I will be bringing the Cobra :hail2:

    Fred :flag:
  8. I am in....I'll be dyno-ing the grand am gt.........no..........not really.

    I'll be there with the "Cop Car"
  9. LX 5.0 right?
  10. I'm in...............as long I can find the Gremlin :mad:
    88 Mustang 5.0 LX :banana:
  11. Count me in as long as it's in the afternoon. I work that day but want to get it done. What times? I will be bringing the notch.

    Thanks, Brian
  12. SAT... right .... 6/26/04

    1 Car and 1 Truck please! :D

    a.1967 ford mustang coupe Richard Evans

    b.2001 ford lightning Chris Brown

  13. I have an email in to Bruce Tucker asking at what time we start and end. I suspect most guys will want to do it in the afternoon so we'll see what we can work out.
  14. ok i'll update the guys at JBA.
    and yes saturday 6/26
  15. I'll be there.
  16. So far, I've sent the cars in for:


    I have yet to send in:
    12sec67 or anyone else interested
  17. I may have 3 more: I'll confirm tomorrow with you if it's not too late!
  18. nope not too late at all :)
  19. Right on Fred, i wanna see that 03 Cobra :hail2:

    All i gotta say is YES, YES, YES! :D

    Mmm, I will be in a Bachelor party for a good bro of mine. I will find out the dates for that for sure right quick (it might be right around that date). That sounds like a great plan though :flag:

    What a crappy post, im like yes..well...maybe...There aint much thats gonna keep me away from making that Dyno Day, thats for damn sure :D . I will let you know Beau as soon as I can.
  20. send me and my buddy in please :banana: