JBA Dyno Day June 26th

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  1. Bill

    The issue is that at idle the car is fine but part throttle and WOT the car detonates and if I richen the low slope on the injectors she stinks to high heaven and floods out and puffs smoke. I think it has to do with my injectors pulsewidth VS battery voltage or MAF volts with injectors pulsewidth. All I know is it s_ _ _s the big one. i've been at it for 3 weeks now, can't seem to find it "YET "

    Are you coming over to test fit those DR?
  2. Thanks Pierre, I can erase my big long rambeling post after our big long rambeling conversation.
    Try doing what we talked about.
    it's worth a try.
  3. I'll try! Hey maybe your brother in law can help????? :nice: :nice:
  4. can we see an updated list with everyone's time slots?

    BTW 1990stanglx sorry to here about the cobra!
  5. current as of 10:30pm on the 24th.
  6. Hey Beau, My buddy with the 69 El Camino thought he was at 3:00.
    Can I tell him to take the open 2:00 spot?
  7. I'm sure he could, except he's not making it down this week end because he didn't buy a trailer to bring his car down :(
  8. yep, no problem at all
  9. OK, I'll email him right now and tell him 2:00 :nice:
  10. excellent. i'll see you tomorrow
  11. Yep,
    His name is Jun.
    See ya
  12. Beau,

    Thanks again for setting up the dyno day. :hail2:

    It was a lot of fun (although I think I may have suffered some minor ear damage from Fred's run). The JBA guys were very nice.

  13. I second that!
    Good job Beau. I had a good time.
    Great to see everyone as usual.
    Time to start planning the next get together.
    See ya.
  14. That was awsome. I am a little disapointed in my numbers but hey, it just proves I need a few more gadgets.
  15. I had a great time, and I am glad you all could make it. And yes, Fred's exhaust is ridiculously loud. :lol:
  16. 219.4/299......yeah baby.......someone please buy my H-D so I can get started on the new engine......

    Had a great time, got oa little sun on the face, and the burrito I had for lunch is starting to take its toll, but I am really glad I went (even though I was at Bill's house at 7am on a saturday ahahahaha)...Thanks again Beau
  17. Yes, thanx guys. Nice meeting you all and putting faces to names. Wish I could have stayed longer and chatted some more. Have to do another get together for the heck of it.

    I really liked my numbers. No one will believe them though LOL

    Exhaust is next. Fred is my exhaust hero!

  18. it was a good day... no one broke down!

    it was great meeting all of you, and i'll apologize now if i see some of you again and i don't know your name.

    i suck at learning names.

    Rich :nice:
  19. beach cruise with bbq?
    mountain crusie with picnic?
    day at carlsbad raceway?
  20. It was nice meeting everybody @ JBA's and I wish I could have brought my car.................... :mad: There is always tomorrow and I may break down and have Joe burn me a chip......

    Hey Beau;

    How about putting some vids on the next thread? :D

    P.S Will have to do this again!