JBA Dyno Day June 26th

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  1. LOL You know he'll fix all your problems... ;)

    the vids will hopefully be up soon, I gotta get the camera back to JJ and since neither of us know how to edit, they will be very rough..i got almost everyone's but i ran out of batter before Sean and Chad ran their cars :(
  2. I vote for mtn cruise w/ picnic or maybe lunch in Julien or somewhere else (maybe one of the indian casinos??). Need to find some open roads.......which calls for a morning departure. :banana:

    Actually, now that I think about it I'm busy with family stuff the last 3 weekends in July so maybe we could plan the mtn cruise for August or I'm open for Saturday July 10th....
  3. I like that idea, the car is turnning real good these day's.
  4. yea that would be a lot of fun. i'm game for a morning cruise. :)
  5. Hey Scorpion what are you looking to get for the H-D? Can you give me specs and pictures please

  6. when you guys say mountain cruise- which mountains you talking about? like up to running springs/big bear/san bernadino or somewhere else...

    i usually hang around "94-95 Specific" but thought i'd read up on some local fun!!!

  7. No, we're talking about the mountains east of San Diego - Palomar, Laguna's. However, I spent last week at Big Bear with the family and the 18 and 38 hiways are great roads - too bad I was driving a rented RV (!). They're a bit too far for us for a short day cruise out of San Diego.
  8. Thanks again Beau for setting all that up. It was alot of fun seeing everybody, and also fun at Qualcomm on Friday. I am definitely stoked with my #'s. I keep staring at the dyno sheet. :D

    Wanted to pop on here and say hello to everyone, I am dang hungover from the Bachelors party, had a great time, the two-girl show was nice too :D

    Beau we will have to meet up sometime this week, to grab the camera. Look forward to seeing that video and gonna at least be able to e-mail people's dyno runs to them. Let me know what day looks good for you :nice:
  9. actually I am off on wednesday..i have a dental procedure in the morning requiring some novicaine but should be ok in the afternoon
  10. Wednesday sounds great, maybe we can meet in the afternoon up at JBA on Wednesday. I can swing by there on my way to work. Does around 2:30 sound good?
  11. Saturday

    Saturday was great ! I had a good time as always it was good to see the gang again and meet some new people. Beau, many thanks for setting this up and kudos to Joe, Bruce, Shaun, and Dave at J.B.A.. Thanks for the props on my exhaust :nice: I would like us to do the Q again and maybe meet up earlier. What do you guy's think ?

    Fred :flag:
  12. yea I have my dentist appointment at 10:15 so by 2:30 I'll be ready to go and I'll meet you there.
  13. We're way ahead of ya Fred, check the "Q" thred.
  14. Twas good times. I now hold the world record for the longest dyno :sleep: :D.
  15. :rlaugh: yea man, that car of yours took a LONG time to get up to speed... :D
  16. Good deal, see you then. Cant wait to see some of those vids :flag:
  17. If we go up towards Palomar, we can eaither meet at my place or end up there,.....I live about a mile west of the 15 on the 76.
  18. Fellas. very nice vids :hail2: . and Damn Fred, that Cobra is LOUD, sounds good man. Lot of you guys videos turned out good. Unfortunately the size of the video is small, maybe like 2" by 2" in your Windows Media Player :(

    Thats the best we could do without having a laptop or something to free up some memory on my memory stick. I will figure out a way to do it better next time :flag:

    But alot of them turned out good :nice: :banana: :banana:

    PM me your e-mail addresses and I will be happy to e-mail you the video of your dyno run(s). Until I can figure out a way to post/host those vids for public consumption. :D
  19. How big are the vids size wise and how many of them are there?
  20. Off the top of my head, about 30 of them, averaging 30-50 seconds in length. I had to take them in the smaller e-mail size video setting due to the fact, if we did the larger size I would have only 12 minutes of total recording time. I am at work now, and when I get home i will e-mail the vids out to whoever wants them. They average around 1 MB apiece.