JBA Dyno Day June 26th

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  1. You've got mail!!!

    Thanks JJ
  2. Ill hook you up John, when I get home. Your stang sounds sweet, wish I would have heard that bad boy. How were your #'s?

    Chad, mail size says 160 on the smaller setting (which we used) The larger setting is 640 VGA. Not sure if that means 160X160. I am a video newbie...for now :D
  3. John, I never received your PM or e-mail. re-send and ill be happy to e-mail you your dyno run :nice:

    Jason - sent
    Ken - sent
    Rich - sent

    Does anyone else want to see theirs? Beau? Bill? Fred?

    Shoot me your e-mail and ill send it :flag:
  4. Ya sounds like 160x160. I was going to host them but I didn't know there were so many. :doh:
  5. I sent it from work yesterday ([email protected]). If it isn't too much trouble, can you also send it to my home email on Saturday ? I need to open my home email box when I get home tonite. Thanks!!

  6. Thanks, it came in at 366hp/380trqe - about 30hp less and 10ft lbs more than the Dyno Shop in Santee. Different dynos I guess.
  7. Yeah definitely different dynos, the one is Santee is a Dynojet which is alot stingier from what I have read. Kinda surprising you gained torque though :scratch: Maybe Beau can refresh our (my) memories :shrug:

    Nice numbers though John :drool: one day I shall be in that neighborhood :D

    Ill send you an e-mail to your work e-mail here in two minutes. :nice:
  8. Yeah there are actually like over 40 I think. All the data only totals 29 MB's though. If you wouldnt mind I would like to ask you a couple of questions about hosting/streaming at our next event. I need to learn more about it.
  9. From what Bruce explained, the Dyno Dynamics measures hp/tq differently than the Dynojet. When on the Dynojet, your car is spinning a drum of water, and the computer extrapolates from the acceleration your hp/tq. The Dyno Dynamics uses 2 drums, with electromagnets instead of water, and it measures hp/tq while under load, which in theory will give you better, more accurate numbers. Accurate meaning closer to real world driving conditions.
  10. I only have 10 megs on my host though. I can try to answer some questions but it's not my area of expertise.
  11. Thanks Beau, but i might be more confused than I was about it before :rlaugh:

    Either way, I am damn happy with my numbers :hail2:
  12. No worries, but would appreciate any advice. Are you gonna be getting up at the Butt crack of dawn with the rest of the gang? Im gonna try man :nice:
  13. Beau and JJ,
    Thanks for the dyno pull vid :nice: