Jegs Blueprint Engines?

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  1. Has anyone bought the roller motor 302 from jegs? thinking about getting it for my car instead of rebuilding mine, just wondering for the 1800 if its actually a good deal or not. Also since my current engine is a 302 out of a 74 maverick ( maybe ) if i can reuse the timing chain cover and the oil pan for it? I see so many different oil pan gaskets that i dont know which one i would need to go with it.
  2. What are you ultimate goals with the car? If you are looking for a totally stock replacement then the method you described isn't a bad idea. If you are looking for anything performance oriented then I would steer you away from the blueprint engines.
  3. I'm just looking for something stock and maybe later adding bslightly bigger cam and change the heads eventually! But not looking to make over 300! I just want it to sound good and also be a good cruiser
  4. Do you mind posting a link to the engine that you are considering?
  5. Blueprint Engines#138-BPF30216C

    Ford 5.0L HO Long Block

  6. that should do nicely for you given what you want.
  7. That's what I figured! Guess now just need to order it
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  8. That will make a solid foundation for a cruiser and leaves plenty of potential for upgrades later on!
  9. I was reading on another site that with this newer style engine I won't be able to use my existing timing chain cover that I have on my older engine! Is this true? Do I need to get a newer style or can I still use it
  10. you can use the older timing cover. you also need the older front dress, water pump etc.
  11. Ok! What about the flex plate? I'm reading that I need a 50 oz flex plate how can I tell if mine is the 50 oz or the 28 oz ? Something b/c of the imbalance.this is the one I have. image.jpg
  12. here is a pic that has both weights shown;


    you can see the heavier weight is obviously larger.
  13. Your link is not working rbohm
  14. Ok, I ordered a 50 oz flywheel from summit along with a harmonic balancer thanks!