1. Anybody in the jersey area? What kind of meets and cruises and such are innthe jersey area? I'm relitivly new to stangnet. I love this place! Somany members have such bebeautiful cars or should I say works of art. I've been checking the sn95 pic and fox pic threads and I'm truly amazed at some of you guys rides! I would love to find more genuine mustang owners around here. Almodt everybody I meet around here are simply put "ignorant" and stangnet fewls like one big mustang loving family!
  2. I'm in Cape May for a long weekend :D
  3. I've been to dirty jerse a couple times when I was stationed in va beach
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  4. Eh not so dirty anymore lol superstorm sandy took care of that problem...almost everything was destroyed especially in my area by the beach. A lot of stuff isn't here anymore...but were rebuilding pretty fast.
  5. I'm in South Jersey. Lots of local car cruises and always someone from our group at the track.
  6. I'm in central jersey/ jersey shore. Brick to be exact. Can anybody join in on the cruises? I would love to meet up with other mustang guys. Also what track? Are you talking abiut the new road course in south jersey?
  7. Where are you from man? It would be cool to check your car out that thing Is gorgeous. I love the color and how clean it looks. Mines a heap but I hope to make it bad ass lol
  8. Also what color is that 90lx?'
  9. I'm from Texas. I live in college station now, it sucks but before that I was in the dfw metroplex. Thanks bout ole blue its a fairly fresh paint job and the wheels are new also. It was originally teal. It's been in the fam since early 96, dad bought it w 13k mi. The 9o is white. She's so so. Been neglected lately. http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/attachments/90-mustang2-jpg.83124/
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  10. damn, i'd should've looked you up
  11. Should have.. I was actually in Wildwood this weekend. I'm going back in 2 weeks for the Wildwood car show (bringing a corvette, I know, I know.....) lol