Progress Thread Jewel Green street/strip 92 LX progress thread

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  1. Hello I am kind of new here. But not new to the fox mustangs, my passion goes back to 1985 when my dad bought a brand new silver gt 5.0 spd hatch. Many years later after high school I found 1985 red hatch (faded orange-red) gt 5.0 5spd rust bucket that I picked up cheap, drove it for a couple of years and sold for more then I paid for it. It actually was really reliable transportation and got 20mpg.

    That is why when I started looking for a mustang a few years ago, I only looked for 85-86. I love those four eye 85-86 I guess they had a impression on me at a young age. I knew that after I started looking out of state I was going to buy something down south, after seeing a few pictures of cars outside the rust belt. I kind of started to like the aero cars more and more, I like there interior better, it is more modern to me. I also like the aero quarter windows better then the plastic sail panel, plus it was essentially a 5 year plus newer car. I am almost into the idea of converting to the four eye.

    Well I stumbled upon this car in Florida early last summer, I talked to the owner and this is mostly what I was looking for, not to crazy about the color but has grown on me. Timing was off, but things came together in late fall to make a longer story shorter I went down in mid December and brought it home with the trailer that came with it. This car has a clean car fax, all the matching vins in the fenders and hatch doors ect. I was impressed. The car needs the usual work on the upper and lower torque boxes reinforcement, it also may benefit from a cage but may kill me to put one in. This car runs in the mid 11s, yet to be confirmed.

    I am capable of building a car but why build one when you can buy one way cheaper that is close to what you are looking for, and make it yours. I am giving up tractor pulling for this so if I can make a 282cid I6 bored and stroked to 430cid NA on Alcohol make over 500hp on an engine dyno. I think this will be way more fun cause you cant cruise on the street on a tractor!

    Anyway here it is and this is what I am working on…
    Currently working on quarter windows and head liner
    I will be doing the drivers side wire harness clean up later this summer.
    Most likely the progress will be on going indefinitely because I like to tinker.

    Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions as I progress through making this car look better and perform better on and off the track. I have learned a bunch by observing on here this far and just thought I would share my project.


    backed in the garage after over 1200miles from Florida

    end of Febuary in the snow!

    engine shot, yah yah it has a carb:nono:
    more recent pictures of interior and out side before tearing into it

    Why is the drivers seat more of a gray??

    quarter windows

    What is this? some sort of plastic piece? Was it once attached to the window? or is it a shim?

    my most recent purchase of junk yard parts:
    drivers side a pillar, speaker, and lower door hinge plates that keep the door from swinging freely I have picture of my broken with the new one painted up I actually bought two. All this for $20 I didnt think I made out to bad. I wish I would have had the camera at the junk yard as I would have taken a few pictures of some of the cars there.
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  2. that thing is gorgeous :drool:

    are deep emerald green and "jewel green" similar colors? :shrug:
  3. Thank you

    yes it is the same color...In my 92 service manual and rattle can touch up in the paint codes they refer to the paint code as "deep jewel green". The sales brochure calls it "deep emerald green":shrug:

  4. That car is puuuuurrrrrty! Why did you remove your quarter window? I didn't see anything wrong with it?
  5. I assume your just cleaning up what needs cleaning and getting it running and driving right? Appears to be in awesome shape with some healthy parts on it!
  6. The paint looks so good in those snow pictures it almost looks surreal. Beautiful car, friend. Welcome to the site!
  7. I am really digging that color:drool:
  8. I am redoing the falling head liner and replacing the door upper drip moldings and after comparing the new ones to the quarter window trim I knew they would have to be redone to get them to match.

    Thank you especially coming from a stangnet celebrity

    Thanks the color has grown on me and I see it is kind of coming back as I see some new cars that are a similar color.
  9. A few questions...
    Why is it that every company that sell door hinge pins does not have a pin that is knurled at the end to keep the thing from turning wearing out your hinges? The originals are knurled. I guess the only way to solve this is to tack the head to the hinge with a welder.

    Here are my quarter windows striped and ready for the filler. This is after I had them primed and found the filler primer did not flex and I was afraid when I was all finished and reinstalled them that it would flex and flake off. So took it to dads and blasted it with plastic beads to remove the primer. I then filled the cracks with a clear glue/epoxy.
    I search all over looking for in my mind the correct color of semi gloss black. A lot of places have trim paint but it is much to flat in my opinion. I think I got about $30 in the wrong paint and primers.

    I found a place online that has paint and filler specifically for plastic and rubber. It is Parasol out of Canada Vinyl Dye, Body Filler, Leather Dye, Plastic, Vinyl Paint - Paint Guns, Car Wax, Fiberglass Repair, Metal, Wood Filler
    I told them that the closes I could come was lay a piece of electrical tape over the new door drip molding and go a little more glossy. I guess will see as they mixed me up some and said it should be here end of next week:(. They seem a little pricey, I think I will end up just under $100 in paint and filler, but hopefully I only have to do this once. I thought that if they came out real nice then maybe someone would be willing to buy the remainder from me, it would save us both some money:nice:.

    I also was able to get a lead on some double sided black sealer tape for the corners back side, mine were pealed away from the body pretty bad. I see that the new quarters from LMR has piece of tape in the corner.

    What have some others used for paints for there quarter windows? Am I close to the original if I match to the new drip moldings from LMRS?
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  10. there's a great member on here named "cenok is family," he's a really helpful guy i'm sure he'll chime in soon on how he refinished his quarter windows, or do a search for his thread here or in the tech section :nice:

    i'd suggest some high build primer and some flat black exterior trim paint to bring them back to life
  11. looks good so far. I'm in a toss as well with the rear quarter windows. I bought the LMR replacement covers and I'm not satisfied with they way they look. I might try you method as well.
  12. My quarter windows had a ton of overspray on them due to a previous owner being lazy when he painted the car and not taping stuff off.. So I found a pair at the local yard and got them and some other stuff for like 25 bucks, look brand new :nice:
  13. I refinished mine with some over the counter spray paint. I used a flexible high build primer, and then the paint. In person they are not perfect, but they look presentable.

  14. Well the quarter windows are all done and going back together.
    I ended up using the filler and paint from Parasol. The paint goes on without primer so the two cans I got from them went real fast. Instead of ordering more I got inpatient and decided to use John Deere paint medium gloss over the Varibond. I have used the JD paint in the past and thought this is a very close match.
    Filler applied and sanded ready for paint
    Materials used no doubt it takes a lot of paint I empted the two silver cans and the JD paint can.
    Finished product, overall I am satisfied I had a few spots that I could not seem to get rid of orange peal

    I started installation last night of the driver’s side
    Sealer applied
    Double sided tape applied to weather seal corner also note the sealer put around each stud.
    Last is installed on car the pictures are not the best as it was dark. This is with the upper new door molding installed as well. I will add some more later of it outside.

  15. There have been three things that I have been working on the quarter windows, headliner, and shampooed all the interior.
    I do not have any pictures of the interior cleaned up yet but here is the progress of the headliner.
    Old headliner board

    New board, I went with a 3mm thick corrugated plastic that I got from work. I thought it would be much more durable then a piece of card board.
    The new material glued to the board. The material came from LRS it is titanium

    I am going to finish putting it back together this weekend as it is now licensed and insured.
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  16. Thats one clean hatch! 1/4 windows look good im about to do the same to my coupe!:nice:
  17. Very nice find. Dark emerald green metallic was my other choice for the car i'm doing now, great color and ya don't see that many of them. Good work.
  18. Where about are you in MI. I like the 1/4 windows. I have to do mine, soon. I bought the cheap covers to hide them and one flew off and the other snapped in half going too fast. I was never happy with them anyway. Would not recommend them to anybody.
  19. Wish my paint looked that good:(
  20. Reminds me of my 86 sail panels. I was doing 113 mph through the traps when one of mine decided to break off and hit a pole at the end of the track. Scared the crap out of me as it sounded like my tire exploding!

    Needless to say I had to refinish one.

    By the way nice car!:nice: